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Best 15 Juicy Steakhouses in California (updated)

California is a land of many cuisines, but if you ask any Californian what they crave the most at the end of a long day – chances are they will answer “Steak!” That’s why it might come as no surprise that there are so many steak houses in California.

If you’re looking for good steaks, look no further. Here are 15 juice steak houses around California that will satisfy all your cravings – whether you like filet mignon or ribeye better, or if you want to treat yourself with some prime beef or choose between different cuts of meat.

1. The Village Pub – Woodland Hills

The Village Pub

It’s hard to find a restaurant that combines good food with an excellent after-work atmosphere as The Village Pub does. From the moment you enter the pub, it will feel like home. The staff is friendly and always ready to suggest their favorite dishes. With great wine selections, steaks are the star of the menu here.

They come in different cuts, sizes, and selections, so everyone can choose their steak based on their hunger or what they crave for that day! It’s no wonder people keep coming back here time after time for more steaks…and maybe also one of those mouthwatering desserts!

2. Jazz City Diner – Downtown Los Angeles

Jazz City Diner

Everyone who has ever been to Jazz City Diner has a love/hate relationship with this place, but they all agree on one thing – the steaks are simply excellent. People come from far and wide to try out these juicy delights cooked to perfection.

It’s been said that if you don’t know what cut of steak is best for you, ask your server where – they’ll point you in the right direction. And let’s not forget about their selection of wines – choose whatever you want, and it will make a perfect match for your steak!

3. Tristan’s – Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead may be known more as a tourist destination than a culinary hot spot, but those who dine at Tristan’s never complained about the lack of good food. Steaks are cooked to perfection, and you can choose from various sizes and cuts – each one as juicy as the other! In addition, Tristan’s red wine has been featured on many lists of top Californian wines, so make sure you order a glass (or two) with your steak.

4. Tomo II – Santa Monica

People who have been to Tomo II know that this place is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: steaks! This simple, unassuming restaurant serves dozens of different kinds of meat cooked just the way you like it. They even offer a $40 steak challenge – if you finish the entire 28-ounce beast in an hour or less, they will give it to you for free! But remember…only ten people have completed this feat!

5. Jackson’s Steakhouse – Anaheim

Steakhouses aren’t known for their desserts, but Jackson’s proves everyone wrong with their delicious chocolate soufflé and other rich and decadent treats. Their filet mignon and lobster are divine, but their signature dish is the massive 32oz porterhouse steak for two. It comes with a whole lobster, all-you-can-eat potato fries, and salad bar!

6. BLT Steak – West Hollywood

BLT offers some of the best steaks in town cooked to perfection by one of the head chefs in Los Angeles. The Kobe filet mignon melts in your mouth like butter, and their vast cuts of beef will satisfy even the biggest hunger pains. If that’s not enough, then try one of their award-winning desserts (with ice cream, don’t forget!)!

7. Montana Mike’s – San Clemente

Once an outpost for bison meat hunters, Montana Mike’s now offers delicious steaks for all to enjoy. What makes this place truly unique is its “Smoking Gun” smoking technique that allows them to produce such juicy steaks even in such a short amount of time – just 15 minutes!

Their menu offers a large selection of different kinds of meat that will satisfy everyone, from those who crave a good steak to those looking for a special treat.

8. The Tuck Shop – Santa Monica

Those who have been to this cute little restaurant know what we mean when we say they serve the best burgers in LA! Well, add their meaty steaks with unique sauces, and you’ve got yourself the perfect meal.

 Fish is also a specialty here, so don’t forget to try out one of their delicious dishes that feature fresh catches from the sea! Don’t expect any fancy trappings or over-the-top decor inside;

9. Lobster ME – West Hollywood

Located right on the Sunset Strip, Lobster ME is a modern twist on the classic lobster shack. Their menu features delicious fish dishes cooked in salt water and fresh lobster, but what makes this place unique are their enormous lobsters that go for just under $50 each! So if you’re looking to have some fun while dining out, then this is the place to be.

10. The Golden State – Los Angeles

This small restaurant on Melrose Avenue has been serving its famous massive sandwiches since 1978, so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing when it comes to making great food! Their meaty steaks are cooked over an open flame which gives them all flavors without too much grease or oil.

11. Musso & Frank Grill – Hollywood

This historic Hollywood institution has served the most celebrities in the world, but you don’t have to be a star to enjoy their mouthwatering steaks! Order your steak rare, and you’ll get it presented on fire, cooked over an open flame right in front of you! They also offer fresh seafood dishes with significant portions, so there’s something for everyone at this old-time favorite!

12. The Water Grill – Santa Monica

Located smack dab in the middle of the pier is one of LA’s best restaurants. A great place to take visiting friends who are looking for spectacular views while dining on excellent food! Their steaks are prepared just right, and they serve some of the best clam chowders in town. And did we mention they have a great beer and wine list?

13. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – Hollywood

It’s one of the most upscale steaks around, with other delicious offerings that go from seafood to salads! Their filet mignon is one of their specialties, but you should try out further cuts, including their porterhouse steak for two! Spicy crab cakes are another unique dish here while you enjoy an excellent glass of red or white wine while relaxing on comfy leather chairs…

14. The Palm Westwood Village – Los Angeles

The name says it all: this place serves nothing but—you guessed it—the best steaks in LA! They keep it old-fashioned here with a dark and cozy ambiance that will make you feel right at home.

15. Mastro’s Steakhouse– Beverly Hills & Malibu

This upscale steakhouse is one of the most famous spots in LA for a reason! Their filet mignon has been voted best in the city for many years running, but their clever lobster sole stands out as a definite winner. And don’t forget about their vast cuts of Australian Wagyu beef!


Use the time to soak up all that’s good about LA. Surround yourself with things made from wood, leather, and fabrics that speak of quality, cleanliness, and fashion – not plastic-packaged fast food.

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