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Best 15 MBA Programs In California (updated)

If you are looking for a good MBA, then California is the place to be. So many great programs in California can offer you everything from elite education to an outstanding work-life balance. The best of these universities will give you all the information and opportunities needed to take your career to new heights.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the top 15 MBA programs in California so that you may pick one out for yourself. Let’s get started!

1. University of California, Irvine

business mba programs

Location: Irvine, CA

About the program: The UCI school of management offers a wide variety of MBA degrees that fit into your life. You can choose from their two-year MBA or 1-year full-time MBA options. Another option is a part-time online MBA where you can learn at your own pace. Finally, if you want to stay in the classroom and join a cohort, plenty of classes are offered throughout the week and on weekends during daytime hours. This will keep working professionals around the world happy!

2. University of San Diego

 University of San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

About the program: This highly accredited university offers students an impressive curriculum that has been designed over the years by top business leaders to give students the best education possible. You will be taught by both local and foreign professors that have trained in the international business world. In addition, this program includes a master’s degree in Business Administration if you like to continue with your educational path once you finish this excellent MBA program.

3. Pepperdine University

Location: Malibu, CA

About the program: Pepperdine offers unique opportunities through their highly ranked MBA programs which focus on merging theory and practice. Your classes will focus on team building and leadership training while also providing plenty of one-on-one time with your instructors so that all questions can be answered thoroughly for further understanding, especially when it comes to accounting or finance courses! In addition, the final two semesters of the MBA course allow students to specialize more in a business industry that they are interested in.

4. California State University, Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, CA

About the program: This unique school offers some of the best MBA programs online as well! You don’t even have to enroll in a physical campus as it is all done online and can be completed very quickly with the many resources given to you during the course to assist you along your way. The systems give students great flexibility in all academic areas. Any student looking for an MBA may take the classes required to become an empowered professional ready for anything!

5. University of Southern California (Marshall)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

About the program: Marshall’s curriculum focuses on helping develop new ideas and leaders of the future while also exposing students to some of the big players in the business world. This curriculum is unique because it teaches you how to think more analytically about situations that occur in everyday life. You can then apply them to your work or personal life by seeing things from a different perspective!

6. University of California, Berkeley

Location: Berkley, CA

About the program: Berkeley offers degrees from all of their various colleges within their school of management, including undergraduate degrees for students looking to get their foot in the door towards a great MBA future. You do not have to go straight into a master’s program if you don’t want to either because many of the courses count both towards bachelor’s and master’s degrees! This school is known for its excellence and impressive alumni that include many CEOs and professionals in the business world today.

7. California State University, Northridge

Location: Northridge, CA

About the program: CSUN offers several MBA programs to students interested in improving their career paths or further educating themselves on how they can do daily tasks better as managers at work or home. The courses offered share a standard body of knowledge required by those who wish to pursue careers as managers within different industries such as finance or healthcare. In addition, you will learn hands-on training with plenty of mentorships provided by your professors, which is great if you’re looking to become more independent but still require some helpful guidance.

8. Brandman University ( Chapman )

Location: Irvine, CA

About the program: Contact their guidance counselors if you are looking for a more affordable degree. They have various degrees online to choose from that can be completed in as little as ten months. You will then be able to get your MBA!

9. California State University, Sacramento

Location: Sacramento, CA

About the program: Their classes are offered at night, making it easier to balance work and school life while also having time for family or friends. This is one of the reasons why this school offers some of the best online MBA programs because their easy accessibility allows students to take courses on their own time without missing out on important events such as birthday parties or graduation ceremonies!

10. Chapman University ( Irvine )

Location: Irvine, CA  

About the program: This school offers an affordable MBA because their classes are capped at 20 students to ensure each student receives the attention they deserve while enrolled in one of their courses! You do not have to worry about having a difficult time balancing academics and work together, as their curriculum is designed for you to focus on both aspects of your life with ease.

11. California State University, Bakersfield

Location: Bakersfield, CA

About the program: CSUB gives students a few different options to choose from for their MBA programs ranging from a full-time course load that lasts around two years or a more flexible part-time option that can be completed within five years if working full time.  

12. San Francisco State University ( Stonestown )

Location: San Francisco, CA

About the program: If you are looking for somewhere local to attend college, then SF State is an option worth considering due to its convenience within San Francisco. You will be able to get your MBA while also being close enough so that you may visit family or friends on weekends, holidays, or at any point throughout the day if you are interested in their nearby undergraduate college courses!

13. California State University San Bernardino

Location: San Bernardino, CA

About the program: CSUSB offers an MBA that can be completed at your schedule due to their flexibility in delivering courses online! They also offer night classes which are great for people interested in attending college after work or during their free time. You will then be able to get your MBA while maintaining a well-balanced life full of different opportunities and experiences!

14. California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

 Location: Pomona, CA  

About the program: This school may be one of the more affordable options for getting your MBA degree because they hire top-notch instructors with experience helping students learn and succeed in their courses. You will also be able to interact with other classmates online, in the classroom, or through email, which makes it easier when it comes time to ask questions about material that may have been challenging to understand at first!

15. University Of California Hastings College Of Law

Location: San Francisco, CA  

About the program: This school provides an MBA degree that can be completed 100% online for those interested. They are one of the most affordable options out there that you do not want to miss out on! It is easy to enroll in this school because all you have to do is fill out a form stating your interest in this program while also being aware of their application deadlines.


The University of California System may be just what you need to achieve your educational dreams because it is one of the largest systems, making it easier for students to find something within their budget.

This article has over 15 different schools that offer MBA programs ranging from part-time, online, and even local, which should give you plenty of options to choose from!

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