bachelorette party in california

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun, but they can also get expensive. Since you’re planning on spending money anyway, why not spend it where you’ll have the most fun?

Do you want to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your best friend? California is known as one of the most beautiful states in America, so it’s no wonder that there are some great places to celebrate your last days as a single woman or man. Whether you prefer wine country or gambling, California has something for everyone! 

The 15 most popular places in California will be discussed here so that you don’t have any problems deciding where you want your party.

1. San Diego

You don’t want to miss this place. It’s a beautiful city with fantastic weather, and you probably won’t spend much money here because it’s such a tourist destination. You can go shopping in the Gaslamp Quarter, visit Seaport Village, and then head to Coronado Beach. Don’t forget that Sea World is also there! For faster access, download the WSJ app for free and get all your information quickly and easily right on your phone!

San Diego is a great place to have a bachelorette party. California, in general, is a beautiful state with lots of fun things to do for an awesome bachelorette party. There are many great places to have a bachelorette party in San Diego. The Gaslamp District and Seaport Village are two good options for shopping and entertainment. Coronado Beach is also an excellent option for dinner or BBQ. For beach lovers, the Coronado Island Hotel has fantastic views of the ocean. If you want a more secluded feel, there is also the Loews Coronado Bay Resort. You’ll have many fun options for a bachelorette party in San Diego.

2. Napa Valley

Napa Valley has been known as one of America’s finest wine country destinations for decades. All kinds of people enjoy coming here to taste the wines, so why wouldn’t you? There are endless things to do and see here, from wineries to great restaurants, so your entire group will have something to take part in! If your best friend isn’t much of a wine person, don’t worry; there are lots of other activities to do here, like shopping at the Vintage Napa Outlet Mall or Wild Goose Winery.

If you want to have a bachelorette party in California, why not go somewhere that your entire group can enjoy together? Napa Valley is an excellent destination for everyone. There are many different things for everyone of all tastes to do while there. You can shop at the Vintage Napa Outlet Mall or visit Wild Goose Winery for some variety. If you want something else, there are many wineries mixed between restaurants where you can taste wines with food pairings. So whether your best friend loves wine or not, she’ll have fun on this trip!

3. Palm Springs/Coachella Valley

Whether you’re looking forward to Coachella, which takes place during April each year (and sometimes October as well), or you want to visit Palm Springs, it’s a great destination that everyone will enjoy. You can go to many different venues while you’re here, including the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, which has a pool and a restaurant. For shopping, the El Paseo Shopping District is one of the most popular places in town, so make sure to check it out!

Whether your best friend enjoys music festivals, going to pools, or shopping for new things, Palm Springs/Coachella Valley is an excellent choice for bachelorette parties. This location provides something fun for all members of your troop. Hosting a bachelorette party in California gives you access to all of these activities without having to leave the state!

4. Monterey

Monterey is a laid-back, beachy area with an impressive history, so you can’t go wrong when you choose it as the destination for your bachelorette party. At Cannery Row, you’ll find several restaurants and shops that are popular among locals, and locals recommend checking out Lighthouse Avenue if you’re looking for a good time. Of course, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is also a must-see!

Whether you’re looking for a fun place to have a bachelorette party or want somewhere close by, Monterey is an excellent option in California. You’ll have plenty of food options while shopping around this coastal city. There are many things to do here, from visiting the aquarium to shopping at Cannery Row or Lighthouse Avenue. You can also check out the Fishwife’s Market and Eatery for a delicious seafood lunch. If you’re not one for fish, never fear; there is still plenty of other food to eat!

5. Anaheim/Disneyland

The Happiest Place on Earth is almost always a hit when it comes to bachelorette parties! Of course, this area is perfect if your best friend isn’t much of a thrill-seeker, but even if she isn’t, Disneyland offers lots of things for everyone in your group to enjoy together. You can ride attractions like Splash Mountain or California Screamin’, see live shows, and stay overnight in the park so that you don’t have to worry about driving.

Anaheim is an excellent place for any bachelorette party, and there’s no shortage of things to do here. Make the most out of your time in this entertainment capital by planning activities with everyone! Disneyland features fun rides like Splash Mountain and California Screamin’, and even rollercoasters like Space Mountain if you’re up for it! You can also watch live shows or stay overnight at the park so that you don’t have to worry about driving home after a night out on the town.

6. Los Angeles/ Hollywood

Los Angeles might be one of America’s busiest cities, but it still has time for you when you plan a bachelorette party here! In addition to all the different restaurants, clubs, and attractions that you could want (and you will enjoy a lot!), there are also several vineyards here if your best friend is interested in wine.

If your bachelorette party includes shopping or clubbing, Los Angeles offers both options to make sure you have the time of your life. This city provides a variety of places to go and things to do that may be overwhelming! Whether or not romantic nightlife is for you or whether you’re interested in an upscale meal with just the girls, this city has what you need. Along with dining and dancing options, Los Angeles features several vineyards and wineries where you can learn more about wines while sipping on some samples. If your best friend doesn’t like wine, no worries; many other activities keep you entertained.

7. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in America, so you definitely can’t go wrong with it as your bachelorette party destination! This area offers plenty of exciting activities for everyone to enjoy, including relaxing at one of the beaches or a hotel with a pool. If you’re interested in trying winter sports, this is also a great place to do that! You can even experience Lake Tahoe’s famous casinos if you want to gamble on your night out. In addition, there are many fun bars and restaurants here where you can eat with your closest friends before heading out to dance the night away.

Just about anything goes for this bachelorette party destination! From casinos and bars to outdoor recreation like skiing and hiking, you’ll be sure to find something that everyone in your group enjoys. You can even camp or rent a house if you want quite a few views of the lake!

8. Santa barbara

Settle in for a nice, relaxing bachelorette party in Santa Barbara. This beach town is perfect for enjoying the sights and sounds that only coastal towns can offer, from seafood to laid-back beaches. But, of course, if you’re looking for something more exhilarating, you can always go paragliding off the cliffs near the ocean!

If your best friend is one of those friends who want to lounge by a pool or on a beach, this is a great place to enjoy all of that! Santa Barbara has different activities throughout the day so that you won’t have time to get bored. So whether she’s an adventure seeker or someone who would rather spend her time doing nothing but reading a book with her feet in the sand, Santa Barbara can accommodate everyone.

9. Joshua tree national park

Joshua Tree National Park offers some of the best outdoor recreations around. If you’re interested in hiking, Joshua Tree has lots of that! You can also rock climb or ride ATVs. And if your other friends are looking for things to do that involve sitting back with a cold beverage, there are plenty of breweries nearby.

And if your other friends are looking for things to do that involve sitting back with a cold beverage, there are plenty of breweries nearby! Whether you feel like doing something active or not, this is the perfect place for bachelorette parties. There are several hotels and B&Bs where you can stay overnight, so make sure to plan!

10. Laguna beach

This gorgeous coastal city is one of the best bachelorette party destinations because it offers everything you could ever want in a vacation spot. There are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can kick back with your friends, as well as outdoor recreation like kayaking. And who knows? Maybe Laguna Beach will inspire your best friend to take up painting! If she does decide to try her hand at art, she’ll be in an excellent place for inspiration. You can even attend a gallery opening or two before hitting the clubs until the early hours of the morning!

With its beautiful beaches and fun nightlife, this California destination is perfect if you’re looking for something laid-back yet lively. Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, Laguna Beach is a beautiful place to spend your bachelorette party

11. heart castle

heart castle is most likely the last place you’d expect to find on this list. This castle is very different from most bachelorette party destinations, from old historic buildings to roaming bands of wild horses! This destination offers tons of outdoor recreation like hiking and fishing, so there are several things here for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re interested in planning a trip that’s unlike any other, it’s worth taking a look at Heart Castle! This site has many different activities for your whole group to participate in, like cooking classes or horseback rides. There are also plenty of hotels available if you want somewhere with luxurious amenities!

12. big sur

Big Sur, located along the California coast, is another one of those places that’s perfect for bachelorette parties looking to relax. This gorgeous coastline will offer stunning views, no matter where you are. Depending on how hard-core everyone in your group is feeling, you can take your party out on a boat trip or go hiking, depending on how hard-core everyone in your group is feeling!

If you’re looking for an outdoorsy destination with lots of natural beauty, Big Sur fits the bill! The nightlife here might not be as wild as other cities around the country, but this spot has plenty of perks to make up for that. There are several hotels and B&Bs where you can stay if you feel like getting away from it all. And there are also some fun restaurants

13. apple valley

If you’re a nature lover looking for a simple bachelorette party destination, then this is perfect. Apple Valley offers all sorts of things to do outdoors, from horseback riding and kayaking to camping and fishing! It’s also a great place to take your group if you think that everyone will enjoy some good old-fashioned hiking.

This area has plenty of wilderness opportunities, but it’s still just an hour away from Los Angeles! So if you want to go exploring but don’t want to be too far away from civilization, this is the perfect middle ground.

14. LAke Los vegas

If you’re looking for a great place to kick back with your friends and let loose for a while, Lake Las Vegas is an excellent choice. The lake itself will offer beautiful views of the surrounding area, while the nightlife here is second to none! There are casinos nearby if you want to try your hand at some games or enjoy some quality time in one of the many bars, lounges, or clubs.

Lake Las Vegas provides plenty of high-end entertainment without having to travel too far from home. Whether you feel like gambling or just drinking all day long, this destination has everything that your party needs! The hotels will have all sorts of amenities so you can get pampered before going out on the town. And this spot is also very close to the city, so it’s easy to access any beauty services you need

15. Stockton

If you’re a fan of both wine and spirits, then this is the destination for your bachelorette party! This city offers a variety of tasting rooms where you can enjoy some high-end wines. There are also several distilleries nearby if your group is feeling like something more complex.

Regardless, this city has all kinds of great restaurants and bars for everyone to enjoy. The nightlife here can be as wild or as relaxed as you want it to be, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to socialize together. What makes this spot even better is that it’s about an hour away from San Francisco, which means that you and your friends will have access to tons of exciting things to do!


There’s a reason why California is such a popular destination for bachelorette parties: it’s filled with plenty of great bars and nightlife, not to mention stunning beaches. So if you’re looking for the best places in California for a bachelorette party, look no further than this list of top 15 Bachelorette Party Destinations in California.

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