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Many people dream of building a house and starting their own family. Some think it is too expensive or not worth the time and effort, but there are many great places in Southern California to build your dream home. Even though these locations can be costly, they will be well worth it when you get to wake up every morning looking out at the beautiful scenery around you.

The best places to build a house in southern California are the ones that offer the most value for their price. That is why it is essential to know what you want out of your new home and how much money you have to spend before beginning your search. With so many great options, it’s hard to decide where would be best for you and your family.

For example, if you’re looking for an affordable place with lots of amenities nearby, then there are plenty of communities in Orange County that may fit the bill. However, if quiet living without neighbors in sight sounds more appealing, then maybe a country setting in Riverside County might be just what you need! Regardless of which area fits your specific needs, this list can help point you in the right direction when it comes to building your dream home.

1. South Orange County

Some people may not want to live in Orange County because it is among the most expensive. However, if you are willing to drive a little bit south of Irvine, there are many great communities for building your dream home. Irvine itself tends to be very pricey, but there are plenty of more affordable options south of the city.

It is estimated that an average home in Orange County would cost about $2 million. Indeed, this price tag may not be for everyone, but those looking to build a house in Southern California will have many options available to them.

2. Temecula

Even though Orange County may be a more expensive place to build a house, the same can’t be said about Temecula. Temecula is one of the most affordable places in Southern California for families looking to start a new life.

The only downfall with building your dream home in Temecula is that there aren’t many community amenities available. That means you will have to drive far away from your new home if you want to spend time at a park or go shopping at a mall. But, on the other hand, if being close to nature and having fantastic views from your backyard sounds appealing, then maybe building in Temecula would be right for you!

3. Murrieta/Wildomar Area

If building a house in southern California sounds like it will cost you millions of dollars, then Murrieta might be the place for you.

The Wildomar/Murrieta area has some housing options that are both affordable and close to amenities. This is because they are right next to Temecula, which means you can quickly drive to nearby shopping centers, parks, and restaurants. All in all, there are many great options in this region if looking for an affordable place with easy access to most things you need!

4. Lake Elsinore Area

Lake Elsinore is another affordable area for building your dream home in Southern California. It also connects the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest so that hiking enthusiasts will love this community.

The only downside with Lake Elsinore is that you will have to drive almost 20 minutes to get to the nearest mall. For many people, however, living in the country without having neighbors nearby is well worth the extra time it takes to travel into town for groceries!

5. Hemet/San Jacinto Area  

Given how affordable the Hemet/San Jacinto area is, it may be one of your top choices when looking for a place in Southern California to start building your dream home! Of course, the prices are not relatively as low as Murrieta’s, but some great options are still available when considering what type of house you want and how much space you need.

Another benefit of living in Hemet/San Jacinto is that there are plenty of great schools. So if you have kids, they will receive an excellent education while living in this region.

6. Corona Area

The advantage of building your dream home in Corona is that it is not far from Orange County, so you can easily commute to wherever you need to go. If fitness is necessary to you, you might want to work out at Crunch Fitness which has multiple locations throughout Orange County.

The only downside with living in Corona is that it does tend to be more expensive than other areas. However, you can still find many affordable options if you are willing to sacrifice specific amenities. For example, purchasing a home without a pool will lower the price significantly, so perhaps this might inspire you to think outside the box when planning your dream home!

7. Chino Hills Area

If being close to Temecula and Riverside County sounds appealing, then perhaps building in Chino Hills would be perfect for you!

Chino Hills is located at the intersection of Orange County and Riverside County, which means plenty of employment opportunities are available nearby. This proximity also makes it easy to visit family who lives in either area! On top of this, Chino Hills is home to the famous Chino Hills Golf Club, so if golf is your thing, perhaps you can take in a round or two while in this community!

The only downside with building in Chino Hills is that there isn’t much available for shopping and restaurants. That means if you want to spend time at a mall or go out to eat somewhere nice, then it will probably require a 20-30 minute drive. However, for many people, the destination is just as rewarding as the journey, so driving for a bit will be something to look forward to!

8. Riverside Area

If shopping at The Shoppes at Carlsbad or The Promenade Mall sounds like your cup of tea, then the Riverside area might be right for you!

The upside to living in this region is that it can be affordable, but plenty of amenities are still available. For example, if biking is your thing, then you can always head over to Pedego Electric Bikes since they have 2 locations within 5 minutes of each other! If you want to get out of town without having to drive too far, then perhaps you would enjoy visiting Temecula Valley Wine Country.

If you want to spend time in a large city but don’t want to commute too far, then perhaps consider Rosemead. If so, there is no better place than the Towne Center at Woodbridge. This shopping complex features two different shopping centers and over 250 stores! While in Rosemead, be sure to check out the city’s historical buildings or stop by Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, which was founded by Spanish missionaries back in 1771!

9. Rancho Cucamonga/Ontario Area

This area offers many employment opportunities since it is located within 20 miles of San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County. The only downside with living here is that it can be pretty hot during the summer months, but that should not deter you from buying a home!

Double-digit growth has been recorded within the city of Rancho Cucamonga, so if it is convenient, then perhaps building here would be your best bet! That’s because you will be able to enjoy the city’s incredible amenities while also enjoying an abundant amount of employment opportunities.

Not only can you find various restaurants, shopping centers, and outdoor activities, but there are plenty of entertainment options as well. This applies not only to adults but also children since many events take place throughout the year, which is something parents will appreciate given that they want to entertain their kids on some days rather than trying to keep them entertained at home.

10 . Loma Linda Area

The upside with living in this region is that it can be less expensive than living in other areas like Rancho Cucamonga. But, of course, this will largely depend on whether or not you decide to build versus buying an existing home since new homes tend to cost more overall.

There are plenty of jobs available within the city – especially for medical positions. This means if you want a steady income and workaround health care, then consider building here! The downside is that commute times can be up to 10-20 minutes, but the upside is that the summer months stay relatively calm, which makes it enjoyable for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking!

11. Whittier Area

If you want to live in an area close to the beach but doesn’t require driving over 20 minutes, then perhaps choosing this region would be your best bet!

With so many jobs available nowadays, it can be easy to get caught up in what paying job offers the most money. However, if you work in aerospace or health care, for example, which many people do these days – don’t feel like you have to settle on a home simply because it’s affordable.

Instead, consider buying a smaller home and putting more of your money into investments! The reason being is that while homes are great, they will always depreciate while stocks tend to appreciate. Some stores have been known to enjoy over 20-50% or more within a given year, which can’t be said about homes!

12. Covina/West Covina Area

With proximity to both Los Angeles and San Bernardino, this area attracts many people who work in the arts since there are plenty of opportunities here.

The downside is that it can be challenging to find parking at times if you decide to go out for the day, but there are always other options! For example, you could take public transit, which tends to run quite frequently throughout the day. The upside is that Covina/West Covina offers many different activities for adults and children, so even if you have family obligations, you will not feel bored on days when your kids are at home.

13. East Torrance Area

If you work in aerospace or the medical field, you will enjoy living in this region since hospitals surround it and offer a vast array of employment opportunities.

The downside is that some homes can sell under $300,000 while others trade for over $1 million! Even though some homes might be expensive, it still has a lower home price than nearby areas such as El Segundo, which means it’s more affordable overall, even if certain homes are more expensive.

There are plenty of parks nearby, so if you want to enjoy an outdoor barbecue with family and friends, consider going there! In addition, there are also many gyms nearby, so buying a home here doesn’t necessarily mean these amenities will be easy to find elsewhere.

14. Glendora Area

This is another excellent option for those who enjoy living in an area surrounded by mountains and trees. This means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors whether you go camping, hiking, or biking! The downside is that commute times can be up to 30-40 minutes; however, there are always options if you don’t want to drive, such as public transit.

15 . La Puente Area

If you want a quiet place where you won’t constantly hear sirens, consider housing in this region since it is very safe overall! Of course, this also means having family close by might not be an option, but living somewhere more rural tends to offer many benefits overall, even though the distance might be an issue.


The real estate market is constantly changing, and the way prices fluctuate over time means you will not always be able to afford a particular property. However, if you own an investment property, then you can earn passive income every month! This might sound great at first; however, be aware that it also comes with many responsibilities, such as making sure your tenants pay rent and abide by the rules set out in the lease agreement.

If you don’t like dealing with paperwork and confrontations, consider hiring a property manager instead since they will take care of those concerns for you, so all you have to do is sit back and watch the money flow in!

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