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Best 15 Sushi Restaurants In California (updated)

The dish that has become a culinary staple of the California coast is sushi. This Japanese delicacy, which typically consists of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients (such as raw fish, vegetables, and seaweed), was introduced to the West in the early 20th century.

The first known instance of this happened at a Los Angeles restaurant called Ichiban-Ji, where they served an assortment of sushi dishes. This fusion food style quickly became popular among Americans who were eager for new tastes and flavors, especially those from halfway around the world.

Here are 15 sushi restaurants you should give a try in California

1. Santa Barbara Sushi Shoppe

Santa Barbara Sushi Shoppe

This charming eatery that has been around for decades offers a wide variety of fresh and delicious sushi rolls. The shrimp tempura roll is trendy, as well as the Crunch California roll. In addition, they have an excellent selection of sake, so you can pair your meal with a glass or two depending on how much you love saki! What’s great about this place is that they don’t simply serve raw fish – they also offer cooked options, including sukiyaki, udon noodles, and beef teriyaki.

The price of sushi at the Santa Barbara Sushi Shoppe is average, and they offer a good variety of rolls. You can order for takeout or eat in. so you will get your money’s worth.

This restaurant is located at 421 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103.

2. Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi

Maki Sushi offers the classic Japanese fare – sushi, sashimi, and other authentic dishes. In addition, they have a selection of tempura that includes eggplant and shrimp, amongst others, that you can order as an appetizer or side dish. The dining area has tables with seating for up to 40 people, making it perfect for small groups or families trying to avoid sitting on the floor during their meal (especially kids).

They offer dine-in specials like California rolls starting at $4.95 (6 pieces) and Avocado Rolls starting at $ (6 pieces). In addition, you should try their udon noodle dishes and their Chirashi Bowls. These multi-course meals are great for kids and adults alike – and the presentation is always beautiful.

After your meal, you can visit the small gift store area where they sell various items from chopsticks to sushi plates. This place is located at 500 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004.

The price is pretty good considering that all ingredients used in making rolls are fresh, plus this place serves alcohol too, which makes it great for an everyday casual dinner with friends or family.

3. Sushi Roku

This restaurant has been around since 1998 and remains one of LA’s best sushi establishments. It features a beautiful design complete with modern d├ęcor, spacious seating areas, and a great bar area.

Sushi Roku is located in three different locations across California, including Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and Malibu, where they serve high-quality sushi meant for sharing. Every dish here has been carefully prepared to be just the right amount of flavorful without being too salty or sweet – which means you can enjoy it without worrying about gaining weight! They also have seasonal rolls that are popular among diners year-round.

The price of Sushi Roku is average compared with other sushi restaurants but what makes this place stand out is their service – servers are friendly yet professional, all food items are presented beautifully on plates fit for kings, plus there is an extensive cocktail list with options for everyone.

4. Sushi Deli Too – Costa Mesa

This small restaurant offers a wide selection of sushi rolls at great prices, plus their customer service is superb. Their menu includes both cooked and raw options (tempura, teriyaki chicken).

What makes this place unique is the outstanding quality of their food and their reasonable pricing, which allows you to savor both traditional and fusion dishes. You can visit either of their two locations in Santa Ana or Costa Mesa for dine-in or takeout!

The price here is pretty competitive, and they even offer discounts depending on how much you order. There will always be daily specials that include some excellent deals like $1 for six pieces of salmon sushi.

5. Sushi Yama – Santa Monica

Sushi Yama is located in Santa Monica, CA, and offers fresh seafood that you can order for dine-in or takeout. Their menu includes a variety of items, including ramen noodle soup, bento boxes, salads, udon noodles with beef/shrimp tempura, and many maki rolls.

They offer lunch specials starting at around $7-$8, where you have the option to order from a list of popular dishes, including spicy tuna rolls and vegetable gyoza, among others. They also have dinner sets that come complete with miso soup and salad and a choice between different menu items. The quality of their food is superb, especially considering how affordable it is. All prices are subject to change

6. Sushi by H – Torrance

This restaurant offers dine-in or takeout for both lunch and dinner set menus that include appetizers, salad, miso soup, rice, various types of sushi rolls (spicy tuna roll), California rolls, nigiri sushi (salmon/tuna/yellowtail/ eel), as well as sashimi options. You can also order from their regular menu, which includes different rolls starting at $3-$4 each.

What makes this place unique is the freshness and quality of its ingredients, which means you can enjoy all your favorite dishes without worrying about getting sick afterward. In addition, the service is excellent, and they always provide friendly customer service throughout the entire dining experience.

The restaurant features around 100 different types of alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic options for those who prefer iced tea or coffee over an alcoholic beverage. It also offers various lunch specials, including two rolls and a soup/salad combo that costs $10-$12.

7. Sushi Town USA – Studio City/San Diego

Sushi Town USA is located in Studio City, CA, and San Diego, where they serve all your favorite Japanese dishes, from udon noodles to making sushi rolls. They have two locations, so you can enjoy their cuisine either by dine-in or takeout, no matter where you live.

Their menu includes a wide variety of items, including teriyaki chicken, beef sukiyaki, katsu (pork cutlet), and many types of rolls starting at less than $3-$5 each. What makes this place stand out is the high-quality ingredients that are always fresh plus their reasonable prices, making it more accessible to everyone regardless of budget. They also offer daily specials for lunch and dinner time, where you can order any two rolls for just $6.50!

8. Sushi Chef – Los Angeles

  Sushi Chef offers takeout for both lunch and dinner menus featuring different types of sushi rolls starting at less than $4/each, maki sushi combos, ramen noodle soup, udon noodles, edamame, seaweed salad, and many others.

The restaurant specializes in authentic Japanese sushi rolls and offers fusion options like the spicy tuna crunch roll, which includes crab meat rolled inside out with spicy tuna on top.

Other famous specialty rolls include:

  • Fire Island (spicy tuna & baked scallop).
  • Rainbow (cucumber topped w/tuna, salmon, white fish & avocado).
  • Cali Roll (crabmeat, cucumber topped w/tuna).
  • Green Dragon Roll (salmon skin inside out w/eel & avocado on top).

Any dish that you order comes complete with wasabi paste and ginger slices to give that extra kick of flavor. The quality here is superb, just like it should be for the prices you’re paying. But, please don’t take our word for it; experience this place yourself and see why everyone is raving about Sushi Chef!

9. The California Sushi Academy

This school has different courses you can sign up for to learn how to make sushi rolls, starting at $150/person. It’s located in Central LA, where they offer hands-on workshops open to the public three days per week. Their next course starts on March 13th & 14th, 2016 (Saturday + Sunday) from 10 AM to 4 PM, where students will learn how to make tuna tartare handrolls, spicy tuna, yellowtail scallion rolls, and salmon avocado handrolls.

You can also sign up for their Sushi 201 course, which is $350/person, where you will learn how to make spicy tuna, wild salmon roll, shrimp tempura inside-out rolls, and more. The school has an instructor who teaches all different courses like nigiri sushi (hand-pressed fish over rice), maki sushi (sushi rolls), sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish without rice), vegetarian options, and dessert.

If you’re into cooking or want to expand your knowledge in the culinary field, then consider checking out this academy!

10. Issa Sushi – Santa Monica

In Santa Monica, Issa Sushi offers dine-in or takeout with both Japanese set meals and a la carte options.

Their menu features over 23 different sushi rolls, including cucumber, tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura inside-out rolls, spicy tuna crunch rolls, kappa maki (cucumber w/avocado on top), etc. 

You can also order items from their daily specials section for just $9-$18, where you can get two pieces of nigiri sushi sandwiched between avocado slices topped with tobiko caviar or a 12 oz sirloin steak cooked medium rare with a side of fried rice.

They have 3 locations in Southern California, so check out the Issa website to see what’s going on at each site while they’re offering special deals every week!

11. L’s Kitchen – Los Angeles

  If you love Chinese food and sushi, this is the perfect place for you because they serve both! This restaurant offers dine-in, takeout, delivery, and catering with both lunch and dinner menus. You can get dishes like orange chicken, Mongolian beef, shrimp & broccoli fried rice, miso soup, etc.

L’s Kitchen also has a large selection of rolls that start at $4 each, which include spicy tuna roll, seaweed salad crunch kappa roll (cucumber inside out w/crabmeat topped with w/seaweed salad), veggie crunch roll (sweet potato inside out w/cucumber beat w/avocado & tempura flakes), rainbow roll (fresh fish, avocado & cucumber topped w/seaweed salad), spicy salmon crunch roll, California Roll, and many others.

L’s Kitchen also has a special section on their menu for “Specialty Rolls,” They have seven different types of specialty rolls with prices ranging from $7-$12 each.

12. Sushi Zo – Studio City

This is arguably one of the top sushi restaurants in Southern California, offering fresh ingredients and an intimate ambiance for dine-in customers. This is a small restaurant located on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, where some of the chefs have been working here since 2001!

They offer an omakase menu which starts at $120 and takes about 2 hours to complete. During this time, you’ll get to experience 11 different courses of sushi and sashimi served with freshly grated wasabi; cucumber pickled in salt, fermented miso soup made from scratch, etc.

Their nigiri sushi includes things like o toro (fatty tuna), kohada (Japanese gizzard shad), akami w/tobikko (lean tuna wrapped around flying fish roe kanpachi w/japanese orange), toro w/scallion, chu-toro (medium fatty tuna), etc.

Their unique rolls include things like a shaggy dog (salmon, cream cheese deep fried w/shiso leaf on top), unagi & cucumber roll wrapped in soy paper, spicy scallop handroll; topped with sea salt, scallop dumpling w/eel sauce on the side, and many others along with vegetarian options!

13. Sushi Nozawa – Studio City

This is another fantastic sushi spot that’s located on Ventura Blvd off Lankershim Street in Studio City. Sushi Nozawa has both dine-in and takeout options with an omakase option for $100/person. You’ll get to experience nine different courses of nigiri sushi & sashimi served with w/freshly grated wasabi, pickled ginger, house blend soy sauce, etc. Their omakase course also includes 8-10 pieces of their special rolls.

Their special rolls include veggie roll tempura fried rice paper topped with w/avocado Masago (assorted seaweed salad), sesame seeds & spicy mayo, blue crab roll, spicy shrimp roll, etc.

They also have other rolls available like Philadelphia Roll (salmon w/cream cheese), California Roll (crab stick cucumber avocado) & Philly Tuna Roll (spicy tuna w/avocado inside white tuna).

14. Sushi Ichi – Long Beach

  This is an excellent place for sushi lovers in Long Beach, known for having some of the freshest seafood around!

This restaurant has an omakase menu where you can get 9-10 courses served with freshly grated wasabi, pickled ginger, house blend soy sauce, etc. The nigiri dishes included in this course are things like kohada (Japanese gizzard shad), kamasu (young yellowtail) akami (lean tuna), Shiro ebi (jet-black shrimp), etc.

Their specialty rolls include things like spider roll (soft shell crab tempura fried w/avocado spicy mayo on top), volcano roll (spicy lobster tempura inside, avocado & fresh salmon on top), dynamite roll (salmon, cream cheese deep fried w/shiso leaf on top), orange county unagi handroll (freshwater eel with cucumber & scallions topped with tobiko & gunkan sauce) and many others along with vegetarian options!

15. Komasa – Culver City

  This is an excellent place for sushi in the Culver City area, known for having some of the freshest fish around!

Their specialty rolls include spicy taco roll (tuna, salmon, white fish tempura, cream cheese spicy mayo & crunch inside avocado on top), tuna tataki melt roll (flash seared chopped ahi w/chili aioli & crushed sesame seeds), and many others along with vegetarian options!

They also have omakase options, which start at $95 for nine courses, where you will be able to experience freshly grated wasabi root, pickled ginger, Japanese soy sauce blend made from different types of soy sauce from all over Japan. They also have other items on their menu that are not sushi items, such as donburi dishes featuring organic tofu or slow-cooked black cod, etc.


There are some great sushi restaurants located all over Southern California that serve excellent fish that’s super fresh! If you haven’t tried sushi, or it’s been a while since your last visit to a sushi restaurant, I highly recommend hitting up one of these places this weekend.

The fish served at high-end sushi restaurants is so incredibly fresh, and the quality of their ingredients is so much better than what you’ll find at more casual restaurants like Sizzler or Macaroni Grill (my guilty pleasure, lol). That being said, if you’re on a tighter budget like myself, then you can opt for some great affordable options like Mori Sushi Express or Genki Sushi.

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