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Artesia is a city in southeast Los Angeles that is known for its diverse food. Its located about 30 minutes from central Los Angeles. It’s about 20 minutes of travel from Cerritos and 15 minutes from Norwalk. I visited this city during November, and there are many things to do in the town during winter days. 

This is a city for foodies; if you love to try different cuisines, then Artesia is the place to visit. In this article, I will walk you through 15 things to do in Artesia; let’s get started, shall we,

1. Artesia park

Artesia Park is located by Clarkdale avenue. You can also find this park opposite the pep boys store in the south street. It’s a great place to spend your evenings and let your kids play freely. 

This park has more than four softball or baseball fields to practice, along with two tennis courts. You can also find the Artesia library just next to Artesia park. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of trees for bbq, but this is a great place to unwind a have a picnic.

In the back end of the park, you can find a small soccer field as well as a swimming pool. Even though this is a small park, it covers all the bases on which someone would come to a park/recreational facility in Artesia.

Hotels to stay nearby:

Time to visit: opens from 8 am

Location: Artesia park 

2. Artesia historical museum

Artesia historical museum is located by Corby avenue and Alburtis avenue. You can also reach this place through 187th street. History is significant for a city to preserve the culture and community; Artesia has a rich history that can be learned in this museum.

Artesia museum has a great parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about parking your car and spending time here. One of the things that you will see here is the pictures of the families who lived here. They tell you the stories about the culture and love they shared in the community.

They also have fun activities during weekends like croquet. It was a small museum, but I had a great time learning about Artesia.

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Time to visit: varies throughout the week

Location: Artesia musuem

3. El pollo loco

El pollo loco is a must-visit place in Artesia, and it’s located by the pioneer blvd. It’s opposite to the one-stop flooring supply. A lot of us start with grilled chicken when looking for food in a city. El pollo loco is the perfect spot for grilled chicken.

They offer grilled chicken with sumptuous Mexican delicacies that would make you come back again. one of the dishes I was recommended to try is the avocado double chicken tostada.

The rice with the chicken bowl is also a great option if you don’t want to go for a salad. The pollo bowl with cauliflower rice is something you cannot miss. The service was fast and clean as well, and the cashier was very helpful and kind.

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Time to visit: opens from 10 am to 10 pm

Location: el pollo 

4. East-west ice palace

The east-west ice palace is a fantastic ice rink located by Artesia Blvd. You can reach this place through Gridley road. Ice rinks are rare to find nowadays, but whenever I see one, I always go in and spend time there. 

It has not only a great-looking ice rink but also great amenities to go with it. The place is clean and well maintained. Sometimes these places have high prices, but the east-west rink has a reasonable price. My only problem would be the parking. Sometimes it gets crowded in the parking lot.

Don’t forget your feather jacket if you have never been to an ice rink before. The place gets busy at night. Mr. Kwan is extraordinary and maintains this place in good shape. Have to give props to Kwan for hiring fantastic staff who are not only funny and helpful but also kind.

Time to visit: opens on Saturday 4 to 6 pm

Location: east-west ice rink

5. Songhak

Songhak is located by the Artesia blvd opposite to London’s pub & grill. It’s right next to the L&K auto service. If you have never been to a Korean bbq place, then songhak is where to get started. They offer both takeaway and dining-in.

Even though this is a small place, you will be surprised by how good the food is. The prices are low, and the quantity is generous. The GOP chang is the main dish everyone craves in this restaurant. You cannot go wrong with a plate of GOP chang. I was told that south Californians even have a debate about which place serves the best GOP chang.

I was hesitant to try the small intestines, but the server made me try them, and I loved them. They were crisp and a bit chewy but flavorful. I am glad he made me try them.

Time to visit: opens at 3.30 pm

Location: songhak

6. Chil po Korean

The diversity of Artesia cannot be expressed better than in this restaurant. You can find this fantastic chil po Korean restaurant in the pioneer blvd. It’s opposite the pioneer Artesia center.

When it comes to Korean food, you can’t say one place is better than the other because they all offer different styles of food. Chil po Korean has the best prices and great servings in Artesia. I was recommended to try the emperor’s bossam, and I loved it.

If it’s the first time you are visiting this place, I recommend you try bulgogi with pork or beef. This restaurant has a history of more than 60 years. It’s always known for its kimchi stew.

Time to visit: opens from 10 am

Location: chil po Korean

7. Belly bombz kitchen

Bely bombz kitchen is one of the places with great food in the pioneer blvd. If you are a foodie, So if this is the palace to be at when you are in Artesia. You can find this place opposite the Walgreens and ricos tacos el tio.

This is another Korean restaurant known for its craft beers. I tried the boneless wing and the pork belly fries. The bomb dust fries and the poutines were also excellent. If one thing you shouldn’t be worried about coming to this restaurant is parking. The plaza has plenty of parking spaces.

If you don’t want to go deep into Korean food, try the firecracker chicken sandwich along with kimchi fried rice. It will satiate your tummy more than anything.

Time to visit: opens from 11.20 am 

Location: belly bombz

8. Podi dosa

A great south Indian restaurant that serves dosa. Pioneer Blvd opposite Mcdonald’s locates it. Unfortunately, you cannot find proper south Indian food in all towns in America. They are hard to come by. 

Kavitha is the owner of this restaurant, and she does take care of everyone. One advice I would have for everyone visiting this restaurant is to finish with the royal flood. It’s like ice cream but not ice cream. You should try fish masala and naan, and they go great together.

The wait is the one to be aware of. It takes at least 45 minutes for them to bring the food to your table. Try the ghee roast as well, and you won’t be disappointed. Unfortunately, there is no curbside pickup; only dine-in and takeaway are available.

Time to visit: opens at 11 am

Location: podi dosa

9. Kabab crush

If you visit 183rd street in Artesia, the only place you should not forget to see is the kabab crush in the strip mall. It has excellent middle east Asian food. The kebabs and shawarmas will make you drool.

They offer pickup as well as dine-in. The wait time for pick up is around 45 minutes which is fast compared to other restaurants on Pioneer Blvd.

The chicken kabob combo plate is the perfect dinner plate to order. You can add garlic and other sauces to it. The lentil soup was the best I have ever tasted in any restaurant. The portions are significant, and the prices are reasonable, which is always a good thing.

Time to visit: opens from 11 am

Location: kabab crush

10. Rajdhani

If you are vegan or a vegetarian, you have your choice here at Rajdhani. It is located at 186th street in Artesia near the loveleen sari palace. If I tell you that 80 percent of Indians are vegan, would you believe it? Yes, it’s true. So when vegan people complain about having fewer options, I tell them to try out an Indian vegetarian restaurant.

Rajdhani is one such restaurant where you can find great Gujarati dishes. The authentic Gujarathi thali blew my mind on how amazing it was. I have never had any food like that. There is an option to choose mini or unlimited. You will get more than five options in unlimited thali.

If it’s the first time you are walking into a vegetarian restaurant, try chapati along with buttermilk.

Time to visit: opens from 11.20 am

Location: Rajdhani

11. Paradise biryani pointe

Suppose you crave spice and kebabs for food, one of the other great restaurants in Artesia. When it comes to Indian food, you can’t have the whole experience of Indian food if you haven’t tried biryani and its varieties.

Paradise biryani is the perfect place to try biryani. They have a variety of options, including dum biryani as well as the Hyderabadi biryani. I also checked out their street-style chicken noodles and loved it. The crispy chicken pakoda is the dish you should not forget to try. You will rethink if you like BBQ chicken or pakoda.

If you are visiting for the second time, try their chicken tikka and butter chicken.

Time to visit: opens from 11.30 am

Location: paradise biryani pointe

12. Gerry’s Grill

South Street in Artesia has many great restaurants, and one of them includes Gerry’s grill. It’s an exceptional Filipino family business that has occasional live music too.

 I tried their Lechon kawali and the lumpia shanghai. Both were incredible. My recommendation would be the bistek Pinoy and the Bicol express as they express the exquisite nature of Filipino cooking.

Unlike other places, this place screams family. It’s best to come here with family and spend time. Check their halo as well. 

Time to visit: opens from 11 am

Location: Gerry’s Grill

13. Pho tasty

If you crave Vietnamese food, this is the restaurant to visit. It is located by the pioneer blvd opposite to the identity boardshop Cerritos. 

When it comes to Vietnamese food, the broth will tell the story if the rest of the food is good or not. So if you love pho, this is the place to visit in Artesia. The broth was flavorful with high-quality meat and super fresh basil. 

When you get pho, try charbroiled meat, either pork or chicken. The pho takes away the shine from the latte that they serve here. So my recommendation would be to try their latte first. 

Time to visit: opens from 11 am

Location: pho tasty

14. Aikan sushi & Raman

A fantastic sushi restaurant in the south street everyone has to visit. You can ask for the red flame restaurant, which is opposite Norwalk blvd. 

I don’t usually care about how the food is plated if it tastes good. However, Aikan sushi knows how to plate to attract, even if you are full looking at the dishes will make you crave more. 

I had their salmon toro, yellowtail toro, and soft shell crab, along with broiled mussel and crispy squid legs. I took a lot of it home(haha). I wasn’t able to eat everything. The beef teriyaki is a must-try.

Time to visit: opens at 11 am

Location: Aikan sushi

15. Red palace 2

Red palace two is located by the north Blvd opposite the Formosan takeout shop. You can also reach this place through belshire avenue. This is another Korean restaurant that you cannot miss if you are in Artesia.

Grilled meat is the real deal here. You can get amazing Korean BBQ with great sides. The most beautiful thing about Red palace 2 is the prices. They are very affordable. The service is the only thing that I would ask to improve. I tried their brisket and bulgogi, and they were fantastic. 

There are plenty of parking spots near Red palace two, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Time to visit: opens from 4 pm

Location: red palace

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