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Atwater is located about three hours in the south of san fransico. It’s a great place to visit and has a lot of things to do for people of all ages. If you are into parks and food, atwater is the best city for you. I visited a lot of parks and restaurants in this city and was never disappointed. 

Here are 15 things to do in Atwater, California. Let’s get started, shall we,

1. Atwater memorial ballpark

Atwater memorial ballpark is located in packers street next to park street. This park is in the center of the city and easily accessible to everyone.  You can find an excellent baseball field here. It’s a great place to spend your time with your family during weekends and watch football games.

The field will stink a bit, and you have to get used to that. However, the restrooms are always clean, which is a plus point compared to other parks in cities. This park is a great place to entertain and celebrate birthdays and special occasions. There are multiple picnic tables as well as numerous BBQ pits.

This park is a great place to visit during the spring. Friendly baseball players and good food are the perfect combinations when you visit this park. This park always has something for the kids and adults.

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Time to visit: open 24 hours

Location: Atwater memorial

2. Andy Albani park

This park is located in the middle of east Clinton avenue and east grove avenue. It’s also accessible from chaparral street. Andy Albani park is a great place to have your morning walks. The city has been taking care of this park. This park is usually busy during the soccer season.

This park is mainly used for community activities. This park is hidden as you cant access it through the highway. This place will look a little dry during summer, but soccer in the winter season, you can spot this place.

Andy Albani park is a must-visit place for any traveler going through Atwater city. The best way to access this place is through juniper avenue and take a left in chaparral street.

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Time to visit: open 24 hours

Location: andy

3. Ralston park

Ralston Park is located by Fir avenue and Drakeley Avenue. Next, However, you can spot this place next to the Atwater Women’s club or near the Amazing grace holiness Tabernacle. The best way to reach this solace would be to go through Brownell street and get its end.

Even though it’s not a sports park it has a lot of trees and shades. It’s a great place for BBQ and winding down on a Saturday evening. I loved the way the who park is set up. It’s in the middle of two neighborhood junctions, which is the perfect place.

Ralston Park has children’s swings and play equipment but does not have a ball ground or a tennis court. You can find the Atwater branch library opposite Ralston park.

Time to visit: open 24 hours

Location: Ralston

4. Joan faul park

Joan faul park is located by the woodside ct and Bridgewater street. You can also access this street from east juniper avenue. However, the best way to reach this solace would be to go through Brownell street and get its end.

Every park is different, and if you have visited enough parks you will understand this. Joan faul park is one of those places where it’s hard to say that it’s a park but it’s a great place for running and there is children’s play equipment in the park. Which technically makes Joan Faul’s park complete.

I loved to run around the park in the mornings as it was breezy and just the proper temperature during November.

Time to visit: open from 6 am

Location: Joan faul park

5. Veterans park Atwater BMX

Veterans park Atwater BMX is located by the north buhach road and Santa Fe Dr. if you are looking for this place and couldn’t find it, ask for a nancy taco truck; it’s opposite to that.

A park that is especially meant for people who want to hone in on their BMX riding skills. The veteran’s park nearby has a lot of play equipment for kids. You cannot find many trees in the BMX park but you can get some shade in the nearby veteran’s park.

There is a small baseball field next to the veteran’s park as well. Parking would be the only issue when you are visiting this park.

Time to visit: open 7 am 

Location: veterans park BMX

6. Manuel Bairos park

Manuel barrios park is located by Shaffer road and Gertrude avenue. It’s nearby purely storage-Atwater.

Manuel Bairos park is a relatively new park located by the Peggy Keller school. One of the important things to note about this place is the area that you have for outdoor activities.

Even though there is not a lot of shade you can play pretty much any sport here. You can use the school’s parking lot and spend your time in the park.

More or less the park is mainly meant for sports, which is why you won’t see many trees in this park as well.

Time to visit: open 24 hours

Location:manuel barios park

7. The habit burger grill

The habit burger grill is located at Applegate road and commerce avenue. It provides you with great charbroiled burgers, sandwiches, salads, and fries.

I love drive-throughs because they are fast and you can get the food on time. The habit burger grill has one of the best drive-throughs and the manager as well as the people are so nice, they won’t bite you for asking for the extra ranch as well. Loved the service.

There is a whole debate about whether you can have pineapple on pizza but it does taste good when it’s on a grilled chicken. Their BBQ sauce will make anything taste good.

Time to visit: open 8 hours

Location: the habit burger place

8. Denny’s

If you are looking for classic American food, then Denny’s is your place to visit and have lunch or dinner. Its located by sycamore avenue and Applegate road. 

A great dine-in restaurant with brilliant ambiance and decoration. The staff is amicable and very accommodating from setting your table to serving your food. Sometimes there is a wait on their food end,  but it’s not that bad in utmost times. If you love classic American food, this is your spot in Atwater. 

 I would recommend you to try their strawberry pancake hush puppies and the bacon tater tots. If possible even get the salted caramel pancakes you will ask more and more! 

Time to visit: open 24 hours

Location: Denny’s

9. Tequila cafe

A great Mexican restaurant that provides you with dine-in and curbside pickup for amazing tacos and burritos. Its located by drakeley street and nearby cedar avenue. You can also reach this place through the fourth street.

With more than 60 years of history behind them, tequila cafe is a must-visit place in Atwater. When Family is involved in making food, you can trust that there will more care in how the food tastes. I loved their enchiladas as well as the burritos. My recommendation would be their tacos, it was crispy and amazing.

The wonder Fermin greeted me, and it was the best experience I had in atwater.

Time to visit: open12 hours

Location: tequila cafe

10. Conchita’s bakery

If you can’t leave a city without its sweets and cakes, this is the place to visit. They have amazing cakes and bread. Its located by the second and third streets nearby broadway avenue.

It’s a great bakery with good bread and a lot of sweets and has many Mexican imported Products. The conchitas are famous for events in the atwater. I was told that they even serve 200 plus people during events like weddings and birthday parties.

It’s a family business, and the bread, you can tell it’s homemade, but it never disappoints you in any way. I loved visiting this place.

Time to visit: open 24 hours

Location: Conchita’s bakery

11. Fosters freeze

You can find this fast-food restaurant at the junction of Mitchell avenue, north Winton way, and elm avenue. If you are looking for great California-based fast foods, this is the place to be.

I always say that I don’t endorse any fast-food chain restaurants but usually promote one of them. Fosters freeze is one such place that stood out in the atwater area. The shakes, the banana split, and the onion ring, you cannot say in your right mind that this place is average.

Always end it with their ice cream twister desserts. They are the real deal in this restaurant.

My recommendation would be to try a bacon burger and cheeseburger, and both are good compared to the rest of the menu.

Time to visit: open at 10 am

Location: fosters freeze

12. Peel and eat shrimp

Just like the name says, it’s a place where you can find all the seafood items. You can locate this place quickly in the north Winton street at the drakeley avenue junction.

Some people like seafood. Some people don’t, but this is your spot if you want to try shrimp. They have great dishes that go with shrimp. I would recommend you to get the fish tacos as well as the garlic shrimp plate. If you want to try more, get the corn tortillas as well.

One of the places in atwater with low prices and excellent service. If you are a burrito person, then try the Baja burrito.

Time to visit: open from 10 am

Location: peel and eat shrimp

13. Granny’s pantry

If you crave a morning breakfast, this is the place to be to get french toast and eggs. Its located by the third and fourth streets in broadway avenue.

If you want the whole restaurant experience, this is the place to go for breakfast. With fantastic homemade soups, french toast, and pancakes, granny’s pantry will beat any fast-food chain restaurant.

The atmosphere is what made me go to this place. It feels more like home. You will also feel welcomed in this place. My recommendation would be to try the ham, cheese omelet with hash browns, and white toast. I never thought I would remember so many things about this place, but it stamps a mark in your memory.

Time to visit: open 12 hours

Location: Granny’s pantry

14. China house

China house is located at the end of the north Winton way and the beginning of Atwater blvd.

When you visit a restaurant, usually ask for a specific dish from the menu and tell them how you want it to be. If you’re going to break the norm, then china house is the best place to do it. They have an option called the takeout Buffett, and it has everything from rice, shrimp, and orange chicken. They charge per pound. 

I went to this place looking at the mixed reviews but, the reviews don’t tell the whole story. China house is an excellent spot for food hacking and feeds many people during these challenging times.

Time to visit: open from 11 am

Location: china house

15. Sonic drive-in

The sonic drive-in is located by Bellevue road and Fruitland avenue. You can enter this area through both streets. You can also find the costa restaurant and sourdough & co in the same lot.

Okay, I get it. I’m again including a fast-food burger joint, but I think this place serves the best onion rings and slushies. The watermelon flavor slushy was my favorite. You get slushies at half price from 2 pm to 5 pm( see, I got you all a deal too).

This is the only place in atwater that serves hot dogs. You can choose how you want your hot dogs to be as well.

Time to visit: open from 8 am to 11 pm 

Location: sonic drive-in

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