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Avenal is a small city located about 2 hours north of Los Angeles. You can visit this city just to enjoy the variety of foods that the family businesses make. I visited avenal during the march and loved it to bits and pieces. There are many things to do that involve the community, which made me joyful about visiting avenal.

Avenal with its great Mexican food will make you stay longer than you are intending to stay here. 

This article will walk you through 15 places and things to do in avenal, California. Let’s get started, shall we,

1. Avenal neighborhood park

Avenal neighborhood park is located by east orange street and east kern street. You can also reach this place through south 6th avenue.

When you look at parks in other towns, they are massive compared to avenal park. Avenal park has a couple of trees as well as some kids playing equipment. You can also find a basketball hoop. 

Even though this park doesn’t offer much, it’s a great place to spend your evenings after work. But, unfortunately, there is no BBQ area or place to lay down in this park.

Hotels to stay nearby

Time to visit: opens at 6 am

Location: avenal park

2. Floyd rice park

Floyd rice park is located by the east san Joaquin street. You can reach this place through north park avenue and north 7th avenue.

Floyd rice is the only park in town with all the amenities playing sports. Even though it’s not shady to go for a picnic, you can find full basketball, court, baseball field, and a football field.

There is a separate field for softball as well.

Floyd rice park has plenty of parking spots as it is located next to avenal high school.

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Time to visit: it’s always open

Location: Floyd rice park

3. Horse canyon

Horse canyon is an MX biking place located by north avenue. You can reach this place through south union avenue as well. This valley is located by the high school with an elevation of about 879 feet.

If you have never done mountain biking, then this is the best place to start. Yes, it will be hard at first, but you will learn faster When you ride with others. In addition, mountain biking is easier than offroad cycling as you don’t have to do much work.

If you have never driven motocross dirt bikes before, this is the place to start. Horse Canyon is the perfect place to learn how to drive motocross.

Time to visit: it’s always open

Location: MX biking

4. Gallery cafe

Gallery cafe is located in between east Fresno street and east kings street. You can also reach this place through east Madera street. Whenever I look at a restaurant or coffee shop, it always brings down the ratings if it doesn’t have good parking. Gallery Cafe has adequate parking even during peak hours.

It’s a family business, and you can see how much they are involved in it quite quickly. The smiles are genuine, and the service was extraordinary. The owner Carlos was terrific to talk to as well.

I tried their pizza and burger. It was on point in every aspect. Never forget to try their fresh pineapple juice. It was delicious. My recommendation would be the spicy Italian sandwich and onion rings. You will also love gallery cafe’s waffle fries.

Time to visit: opens at 11 am

Location: Gallery Cafe

5. Krispy krunchy chicken

Krispy krunchy chicken is also located in between Fresno street and east kings street. It can be found near the amigo market. You can find this place right next to the gas station. It doesn’t mean that the food will be like regular gas station food; you are wrong.

They offer great fried chicken as well as wedges. The hamburgers here brought back memories. It has a parking lot nearby so you can park your car and enjoy the food from Krispy krunchy chicken.

Time to visit: poems at 9 am

Location: Krispy krunchy

6. El frijolitos

El frijolitos can be found right on the skyline blvd opposite the circle k convenience store. You can also reach this place through south 5th avenue.

If you are into Mexican food, you will love this town. Half of the restaurants here are in avenal are Mexican. I would recommend you to try the Mexican fried and burrito mojado. Tortillas are made fresh as well. It’s a great place to spend your time with friends. 

With more than 30 years of experience, they are preparing authentic Mexican food for their customers. Sometimes the wait time might be a bit long other than that the food is fantastic. It has a dedicated parking lot in the skyline junction as well.

Time to visit: opens from 10.30 am

Location: el frijolitos

7. Super burger

The super burger is also located on the skyline blvd opposite the la familia market y carniceria. It’s next to the Avenal outlet. 

If you are looking for some American food, then this is the place to be. It’s an old-school hamburger joint. The double cheeseburgers are great. But, they made me want to get more from the place.

Don’t forget about the fries and milkshake. Of course, the strawberry milkshake is a must-try in the super burger. But, when it comes to desserts, they knock it out of the park too. The chocolate-dipped ice cream cone cannot be expressed in words.

if you want to have a full-blown meal experience in avenal, you can check out this spot

Time to visit: 10 am to 11 pm

Location: super burger

8. Chalios tacos y tortas

Chalios tacos is one of the best taco places in Avenal. Its located by the skyline blvd opposite the la botana express takeout shop. You can find this place right next to the south union avenue junction.

 Whether you are creating a burrito or a quesadilla, this is the place to drive to. The place is spotless, and they also provide fantastic food and service.

 You will never be disappointed with the food at all. The tacos and burritos are the focal points in this restaurant.  I was most impressed by the combinations, including rice and Beans and a good Salsa cabbage cilantro. 

 This place will make you come back, again and again, they also provide food at reasonable prices.

Time to visit: 10 am to 11 pm

Location: restaurant chalios

9. Taqueria la Piedad

Taqyeria la piedad is located in the east kings street opposite to the la abejita. You can also reach this place through the 3rd or 2nd avenue from skyline blvd.

Avenal is known for its authentic Mexican food. This is one of the reasons why you will find so many Mexican restaurants. Taqueria la Piedad is another Mexican restaurant that offers dine-in as well as takeaway.

the carne asada burrito and quesadillas were the talking points here.  You will get the best Mexican fries and nachos in this restaurant.

 The portions are substantial, and there is nothing to complain about in this restaurant. It’s a  great restaurant with excellent staff and reasonable prices.

Time to visit: 7 am to 10 pm

Location: taqueria la piedad

10. The life church

The life church is located by the south 1st street avenue. You can also find this place near the gallery cafe.

If you are around town for the weekend, I think the life Church is the best place for worship. Pastor Luke was accommodating.  I had a great time here. The families are adorable and welcomed me with open arms. 

The practical word of god with the guidance given here is something that avenal communities are blessed with. Moreover, the passionate teaching from pastor luke moved my heart towards god even more.

Time to visit: 6 pm on Wednesdays and 9 am on Sundays

Location: the life church

11. La Nueva Reyna

You can find la Nueva Reyna right next to the gallery cafe. But, unfortunately, it’s also opposite to the king’s complete auto parts store. 

Out of all the Mexican restaurants in avenal, this restaurant had the best ambiance. Carnitas and the tortillas were terrific. Also, you will be blown away by the customer service. I was recommended to try the tacos, didn’t they dint disappoint me.

In simple words, if you are looking for a place where you can get good home-cooked Mexican food, just visit la Nueva Reyna. They have got you covered.

Time to visit: from 7 am

Location: la nueva

12. El vecino panaderia & taqueria

El vecino panaderia & taqueria is located opposite to the ervins true value hardware store. You can reach this place through the skyline blvd nearby south 7th avenue.

When it comes to food portions, you can beat el Vecino Pandaria. I can talk about their burritos all day long. They were hot and freshly made.

Even though they don’t offer delivery, you can dine in and have a great lunch.

Time to visit: from 9 am

Location: el vecino panaderia

13. La botana Express

La botana express is another amazing takeout place located in the skyline blvd. You can find this place opposite the chalios tacos.

La botana Express offers both dine-in and take away it’s known for smoothies. I was recommended to try banana and mango smoothies. They were amazing. 

Even though I have talked about many family businesses, la botana is a great Mexican place to Treat your family for lunch. 

Time to visit: from 10 am

Location: La botana

14. Avenal animal shelter

Avenal animal shelter is located by hydril road. You can reach this place also through Freemont street.

Even if you’re traveling, this is a great place to visit to find a new family member. You can find a lot of dogs and cats. Avenal Animal shelter is a very caring animal control officer. So even if you don’t want to Foster a dog or cat, I think it’s a great place to visit. 

Time to visit: 1 pm daily

Location: avenal animal shelter

15. Amigo market

Amigo market is located by east kings street next to the GTS income tax service. You can find this place opposite to circle K convenience store.

If you are like me, who loves to make their salads by themselves, then the amigo market is the place to be. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.  The atmosphere, the great prices, and the fantastic customer service will blow your mind. 

Time to visit: every day at 7 am

Location: amigo market

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