Best 15 bouldering locations in Southern California (updated)

Are you looking for the most unique and exciting adventure near Los Angeles? If so, bouldering might be just what you are looking for. Bouldering is an increasingly popular sport in Southern California that is a fun way to get your heart pumping and build some strong muscles. The best part about this sport is that it can be done anywhere big rocks or boulders! Read on to learn more about boulder locations in Southern California.

Bouldering is a climbing activity that doesn’t require ropes or harnesses. You can find boulders all over the world, but there are some great spots in Southern California to take your friends and family for a fantastic day of outdoor fun! In this blog post, we will cover three different locations for you to check out.

 These are 15 of the most popular places to boulder in SoCal, with a few tips on how to get there and what else to do when visiting. If you’re new to climbing or want to take your skills up a notch, these are some great spots!

1. Santa Barbara Boulders

Santa Barbara Boulders

The first place we will cover is the famous Santa Barbara Boulders. There are several climbing routes here, and you can even rent crash pads if you don’t have your own. If this spot sounds like something that interests you, please read on for more information! You can find the Santa Barbara Boulders at the following coordinates: N34º 23’36” W119º 55′ 5″ Elevation: 625′. I have heard from the previous climber that parking is easy to find, but consider carpooling because it might be crowded. Since this location has so many different paths and trails to choose from, there is no specific route that you should take. You can either follow a trail or look for a boulder with your name on it. After that, it’s up to you! Previous boulderers have told me that the best time to climb here is between 12 pm and 3 pm. They say this because the sun starts to go behind the rocks, getting much cooler around these parts. One other tip: be careful when climbing at night since several rattlesnakes have been spotted in the area!

2. Bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park

 Bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a great place for a hike or even just a picnic, but did you know that climbers flock here from around the world? This is another great place to boulder if you are looking for scenic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. This park is about an hour and a half away from Los Angeles, but it’s well worth the trip! You can find the coordinates for this bouldering spot here: N33º 47′ 26″ W116º 48′ 22″. Elevation: 5024′.

Joshua Tree National Park has over 3000 climbing routes that range in difficulty, so there is something here for everyone. As with most outdoor sports or activities, make sure you bring plenty of water and sunscreen since it can get pretty hot out there. If you don’t have your gear like helmets and shoes, consider renting them at one of the stores nearby (for example, YOSEMITE OUTDOOR located at 6711 Quail Hill Pkwy, Irvine). Alternatively, if you are looking for a full day of adventure, consider doing the following: go bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park during the day and then drive down to Los Angeles to catch a show or a Dodgers game!

3. Bouldering in Little Rock Creek

ldering in Little Rock Creek

If you enjoy climbing big rocks and boulders while taking in some beautiful views simultaneously, then check out this next location. The coordinates for this area can be found here: N34º 40′ 39″ W118º 19′ 0″. Elevation: 2999′.

Little Rock Creek is filled with tons of trails that lead up to different boulders. This area is an excellent place for beginners because there are some more accessible routes that you can choose from. The most challenging bouldering route in this area is considered a 5 out of 7 on the Yosemite Scale. You can even bring your dog with you when climbing here since it’s dog-friendly!

If you want to make this adventure more exciting, add in a bit of swimming. Since Little Rock Creek borders the Angeles National Forest, they have plenty of trails and paths where you can dive right in for a dip. When planning your trip to Little Rock Creek, consider wearing hiking boots instead of regular tennis shoes since parts of these trails might be harder to maneuver depending on what kind of footwear you’re wearing. After reading about these three places, I hope that you will consider checking out some of these locations. Whether you are new to the world of bouldering or not, there is something here for everyone! Have fun and be safe no matter where you go!

4. Bouldering in Castaic Lake

Bouldering in Castaic Lake

If you’re looking for a great summer destination where you can relax in nature while climbing rocks, then consider taking a hike at Castaic Lake! This spot is perfect for beginners who want to get their feet wet when it comes to bouldering. All of the routes here are indoors, so even if it’s raining outside, you won’t have any problems getting your shoes wet on this trip! The coordinates for this location are as follows: N34º 36’06” W118º 40′ 10″. Elevation: 4140′.

Castaic Lake is located about an hour outside of downtown LA, so it’s the perfect spot for a summer day trip. You can practice your bouldering routes before taking on some of their sports climbing options (which are considered to be more difficult than bouldering). There is also plenty of shade surrounding this area, so you will stay cool while practicing your techniques!

If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy nature after your climb at Castaic Lake, then consider swimming in the lake or trying out their skate park that’s located right next to where all of the climbing takes place. This location is full of great activities and places to discover, so remember to check them out when planning your trip!

5. Bouldering in Santa Barbara

Bouldering in Santa Barbara

One of the best climbing locations is located about 2 hours away from downtown LA, known as Santa Barbara. This spot features several different levels for boulders, so it’s perfect for all skill types. The coordinates to this location are N34º 31′ 57″ W119º 19′ 34″. Elevation: 1640′.

Santa Barbara is a great place to visit because you can climb rocks all day before enjoying some of their delicious food options at night! With over 600 climbing routes between the top rope and lead styles, there is something here for everyone who enjoys climbing. If you’re planning on going during the summertime, then make sure to bring your swim trunks since you can jump into the Pacific Ocean after climbing all day!

Be sure to check out Santa Barbara since it’s a place where you can boulder and relax at the same time. Also, this spot is dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friends along with you when bouldering in Santa Barbara! Just make sure that they are on their leash and under control before letting them run free.

6. Bouldering in Joshua Tree

Bouldering in Joshua Tree

For all of you nature lovers looking for a place to climb that’s filled with adventure, then consider visiting Joshua Tree. This location is known for its unique desert landscape and climbing routes. The best time to visit this area if your goal is to cool off after bouldering all day is during the wintertime so that you can enjoy the 70 degrees weather at night! The coordinates for this location are as follows: N35º 26′ 38″ W116º 24′ 44″. Elevation: 3608′.

About an hour outside of downtown LA, Joshua Tree is located near Palm Springs, which means it’s ideal for taking a break from LA life before heading back into the city again. If hiking isn’t quite your thing when visiting Joshua Tree, then consider biking or horseback riding to get around the park more easily. There is so much to do when bouldering here, which means you will never run out of things to do when bouldering in the desert! Don’t forget to pack plenty of water before heading out on this trip since it can get boiling in the summertime.

Bouldering at Joshua Tree National Park offers over 500 climbing routes, making it one of the best places for climbers who love nature and adventure. This area is dog-friendly too, but just like Santa Barbara, make sure they are leashed and under control if they let them roam free. Also, be sure to check out all of their visitor centers once you arrive at Joshua Tree to get recommendations on where to climb and what trails you should take once you are done climbing.

7. Bouldering at Santa Monica Mountains

Bouldering at Santa Monica Mountains

Another fantastic spot for boulders is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, making it one of the best spots for climbers who want to be close to downtown LA without dealing with all of the traffic! The coordinates to this location are N34º 16′ 24″ W118º 58′ 47″. Elevation:: 1861′.

This gorgeous boulder area is located about half an hour away from Venice, making it an excellent location for climbers looking to enjoy some nature during their trip outside of downtown LA. If you plan on going during the wintertime, keep in mind that this area gets pretty cold at night, so make sure to bring extra layers of clothing before heading out. The bouldering here is possible all year round, but the best time to visit if your goal is to escape the heat would be during the springtime or even late fall. Not only will you enjoy cooler temperatures, but you’ll also have a chance to take in some fantastic views once you finish climbing for the day!

The Santa Monica Mountains are one of Southern California’s most popular outdoor recreation areas, which means it gets bustling during summer weekends! Avoid waiting too long at each climbing site by visiting this area very early in the mornings and arriving as early as possible.

8. Bouldering in Thacher State Park

For another unique place to climb outside of downtown LA, be sure to check out Thacher State Park! The address for this location is 900 Watchung Avenue, Otego, NY.

Located just a short drive from the city of New York, this location features all sorts of bouldering spots that will bring adventure seekers plenty of excitement! Just make sure you get there early since parking can get pretty crowded during summer weekends. To get the best views while climbing here, visit in the wintertime or wait till it gets a bit colder and goes at night when the skies are clear. If your goal is to escape from busy streets and traffic after climbing, consider visiting late spring or early fall when everything looks more green and lush.

9. Bouldering at Palos Verdes

Bouldering at Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes is another spot for those who love to boulder and hike, making it one of the best places for climbers during summer weekends! The coordinates to this location are N33° 25′ 52.97″ W118° 48′ 10.36″. Elevation: 564′.

Located a short drive from downtown LA, boulderers will adore this location since there is something here for everyone regardless of age or skill level! You can expect plenty of different types of climbing rocks as well as hiking trails nearby if your goal is to spend some time outdoors after climbing here. Just make sure you keep an eye on your little ones when visiting since there are cliffs near-certain climbing areas.

Palos Verdes is also one of the best spots for climbers who are looking to escape the summer heat, since not only will it be more relaxed here, but you won’t have to deal with heavy traffic either. If your goal is to climb here, consider visiting during late spring or early fall when temperatures are more bearable, even if you visit Palos Verdes at night when temperatures tend to drop quite a bit!

10. Bouldering at Mount San Antonio

10. Bouldering at Mount San Antonio

Located not that far from downtown LA, boulderers will love this spot since it offers something for everyone regardless of skill level! The coordinates to this location are N34° 02′ 51.91″ W117° 55′ 39.78″. Elevation: 6462′.

This incredible climbing spot is home to some boulders that are unique in design, making it an excellent place for climbers who are looking to enjoy the thrill of climbing without having to worry about other people getting in their way! If you want to get away from crowds, summertime weekends would be best spent here since it’s still close enough to downtown Los Angeles. You can also expect plenty of waterfalls nearby after finishing climbing each day, making it one of the most beautiful places for summertime bouldering.

If you want to find more climbing locations like this, then make sure you check out our 50 best rock climbing spots in California!

11. Bouldering at Mount Rubidoux

Located just outside of downtown Riverside, climbers will appreciate how amazing this place looks during all times of year since some boulders have been designed to flow with nature! The address for this location is 3900 Riverwalk Drive, Riverside, CA. This popular bouldering spot is effortless to locate on Google Maps and even features a map on its website, so be sure to check it out if your goal is to visit.  

The coordinates listed above are close enough to each other, so you will have no problem finding the area. This spot is great for climbers of all skill levels since there are many areas to practice, making it one of the best places for beginners during summertime! Just be sure to visit this place early in the day or, better yet, on a weekday since parking can get a bit difficult during weekends.

12. Bouldering at San Diego Rock Gym

Bouldering at Mount Rubidoux

Located just outside downtown San Diego, boulderers will love what this location has to offer regardless if they climb indoors or outdoors! To reach this area then be sure to check out its website here. To find this place, you will need to check out the coordinates listed below: 3230 Metro St, San Diego, CA 92102.

Located not too far away from Petco Park and downtown San Diego, climbers of all skill levels will appreciate how amazing this climbing gym looks since it’s both modern looking yet designed with climbers in mind! It features professional bouldering walls that are great for beginners during summertime since the temperature is always pleasant even when it’s hot outside. The bouldering here also feels more like a workout than having fun due to how challenging it can be at times, but if your goal is to enjoy yourself without getting too sweaty, then consider visiting on weekdays unless you want to be friends or family members who haven’t climbed before.

13. Bouldering at Boulder Rock Club

Bouldering at Boulder Rock Club

Located just outside of downtown Los Angeles, boulderers will love this spot since it has something for everyone, regardless if you enjoy climbing indoors or outdoors! In addition, it’s located next to the LA River, so the weather is much more relaxed here than in other parts of town, making it a great place to climb during summertime!

4837 E 2nd St, Los Angeles CA 90022. Elevation: 26 ft. This awesome climbing gym features some huge boulders that are perfect for climbers ready to tackle their fear of heights because they’re very high up and beautiful to look at! It’s located within a very urban setting, but if you bring some friends along then, it’s hard not to have fun climbing these rocks. Just be sure to visit during weekdays since it’s usually packed on weekends, and watch out for poison oak!

14. Bouldering at The Front Climbing Club

Located just outside of downtown San Diego, climbers will appreciate this bouldering spot as much as we do, thanks to how awesome these natural-looking boulders look! They’re great for beginners who want to enjoy themselves without having too many obstacles in their way. The location features enough room for more than one person, which is excellent when large groups of people may show up during summertime.

The coordinates listed above are close enough to each other, so you will have no problem finding the area. This is one of those famous spots where climbing is not only allowed but encouraged thanks to how many boulders there are! The great news is that most people who visit this place don’t feel all that competitive, which makes sense since they’re not competing against others around them like they would be at a local gym or indoors. Instead, they simply enjoy themselves by trying their best and having fun with friends and family members! Just be sure to plan anytime you want to visit because parking can be difficult during weekends.

15. Bouldering at San Diego Rock Gym

Bouldering at San Diego Rock Gym

Located just outside of downtown San Diego, boulderers will love this spot since it has plenty of boulders to choose from, with some being low enough for beginners to try. If you’re bouldering outdoors, consider visiting during weekdays since finding parking can be difficult during weekends. Also, the weather here is pretty consistent, making it an excellent place for climbers during summertime!

3230 Metro St, San Diego CA 92102. Elevation: 29 ft. This indoor climbing gym is one of the best places to visit if your goal is to climb without having too many distractions around you because there aren’t very many people who go here daily (besides route setters). Getting in shape while having fun simultaneously is more than possible here which makes it the perfect place for boulderers who want to get stronger.


There are three different climbing rooms here, so you won’t have trouble finding something fun to climb regardless of whether you’re an expert or beginner because not all walls are the same height. Plan any time you want to visit since parking isn’t always available during weekends, and make sure to bring a decent amount of cash with you since they charge per person, per hour, like most gyms.

I hope you find these places useful for your next bouldering adventure!

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