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How do you spell California? In all Major Languages

Sometimes you will find people spelling California completely wrong. you will find using “k” instead of “c”. “c” instead of “k”. Here is the world’s most complete guide to how do you spell California in different languages.

The correct spelling of “California” is as follows, with each letter pronounced separately: \ˈkal-ə-ˌfȯr-nē\

  • Italian – California
  • Brazilian Portuguese – Califórnia
  • Korean – 캘리포니아 (Kaellepieona)
  • Catalan – Califòrnia
  • Croatian – Kalifornija
  • Czech – Kalifornie
  • Danish – Californien or Californien(en) depending on the part of Denmark
  • Dutch – Californië or Californië(n) depending on the part of the country
  • Estonian – Kalifornia
  • Filipino – Kalifornia
  • Finnish – California or California depending on the part of the country
  • French – Californie (f)
  • Georgian – კალიფორნი (Kaliporni) or კალი (Kali) for short form. Note: The pronunciation of “Californie” below is used in France and some parts of Switzerland. In others it’s “Californië”.
  • German – Kalifornien or Kalifornien(en) depending on the part of Germany
  • Greek – Καλιφόρνια
  • Hungarian – Kalifornia
  • Icelandic – Kalifornía or Californía, depending on the speaker. In formal contexts usually Californía.
  • Indonesian – California
  • Irish Gaelic- An Califarach It is a loanword from English, but it’s a Gaeilge bhratach. The coguigh it in áit na himeartha in Éirinn san iarthar caighdeánach.
  • Japanese – カリフォルニア (Kariforunija) 〰The “c” is not hard like the English one. The Japanese “c” has more of a sibilance than the English “c”.
  • Latvian – Kalifornija or Kalifornis depending on the part of Latvia
  • Lithuanian – Kaliforniai or Kalifornija depending on the region and speaker.
  • Norwegian Bokmål – California (bokmål), Californien (nynorsk) A common misspelling is “California” but it should be spelled with a C, no D after F.
  • Persian- كاليفورنيا (Kaliforniya)
  • Polish – Kalifornia
  • Portuguese: A letter “c” followed by a letter “l” and another consonant is handled as a single syllable, so the spelling of Californio represents two syllables. Nonetheless, most Brazilians pronounce it differently from Californiano. The incorrect spelling Calisforne is used in some translations into Portuguese.
  • Romanian – California This language is very close to Spain’s Catalan dialect word pronunciation fashion since both were under Spanish rule for many years. So they’re practically the same thing.
  • Russian – Калифорния (Kaliforniia)
  • Serbian – Kalifornia or Califronija, depending on location.
  • Slovakian – Kalifornia
  • Slovenian – Kalifornija or Californija, depending on the part of Slovenia
  • hindi (हिन्दी) – कालीफोर्‍निया (kālīphorniyā )
  • Swedish – Kalifornien or Californien(en) depending on the part of Sweden.
  • Tagalog – Kalifornia
  • Tamil -காளிபோர்னியா (kāḷiphorṇiyā) Note: The “c” is pronounced hard unlike the other words in the list.
  • Thai – คาลิโฟนี่ (kali fo nee)
  • Vietnamese – California or Califórnia, depending on the part of Vietnam.
  • Welsh – Californi a
  • Yiddish- קאַליפורניע (Kalifornye)
California in languages

All languages around the world use the letter C as “Californian”.

Specific Language Rules:

Korean- (캘리포니아, Kaellepieona) This word is actually more like an acronym of English words. The Korean word for California starts with a vowel C(캘), and ends in a silent R (포). Then we add another consonant N (니), and end it with A at the end which you pronounce as a short O sound. This word is pronounced as if you try to say all those English words together quickly without pauses between them. I tried recording myself saying “Kalifornia” so you can hear how it sounds in Korean.

Catalan- (Califòrnia) This word is more like a rendition of English words into Catalan without any acronyms or anything. The pronunciation pattern of this word is very similar to Portuguese and it also uses an O after C even though there’s no D after the C in Spanish for some reason. Very interesting indeed, don’t you think?


The word for California is actually shared by many parts of the world in different languages. From my experience, I can tell you that Koreans and Chinese people have a harder time pronouncing “Californian” correctly than any other language on Earth, including English itself! So please bear with them if they mispronounce it or get confused.

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