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Top 10 Quad Biking Spots in California (updated)

Quad biking in California, famous for its mountain ranges and expansive deserts, is different from quad biking anywhere else.

California’s terrain varies drastically from north to south- the northern half of the state offers an exciting challenge with mountains, forests, and lakes. In contrast, the southern half has arid landscapes that are perfect for off-road vehicles.

In addition to beautiful scenery, quad bikers will find plenty of opportunities to explore scenic trails and canyons all over California. When you consider what makes California unique in terms of topography and climate, it becomes clear why this state should be your destination if you want a great time on a four-wheeler!

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1. South cow mountain ohv recreational area

South Cow Mountain is an excellent place for off-roading enthusiasts. The area is located in southern California and has a lot of challenging trails. If you want to have a good time, this is the place for you! There are also tons of open spaces so you can try out your best tricks. You can also go rock climbing if that’s what you prefer. This area is perfect for off-road racing. The trails vary in length and difficulty, but you won’t be disappointed no matter what you choose.

This area is located near San Luis Obispo and features challenging trails that aren’t too difficult. The best part about riding here is that there are plenty of open spaces to perform various tricks like jumps and flips.

2. Middle creek campground

Middle Creek Campground is a great place to have some fun on an off-road vehicle. The trails here are long, and the area has many open spaces so that you can try some advanced tricks. In addition, middle creek offers many opportunities for visitors to get a feel for what California is all about, from its unique landscapes to its fascinating wildlife.

The park has plenty of parking with overnight camping facilities to stay longer than one day. There are also bathrooms and shower facilities for added comfort. Make sure that your off-road vehicle works well before entering the trail!

3. Stonyford off-highway vehicle park

Stonyford OHV park is located in the northern half of California. The area has unique trails to explore and several different parking lots. Many people ride their quad bikes here because it is far from civilization to escape all noise pollution but close enough for people to easily visit it.

There are many places where you can observe wildlife like rabbits, deer, lizards, and birds without disturbing them. You will also find plenty of covered shelters here where you can rest between rides and enjoy a cold drink. If you prefer, there are also bathroom facilities with showers- want more? There is Wi-Fi too!

4. Letts lake campground

Letts Lake is located in northern California and has several trails that are perfect for riding quad bikes. The campground features dirt trails with challenging obstacles, which are fun but dangerous if you are not careful. This area requires constant attention when driving because the landscape changes constantly. If you lose focus, it can end badly- especially if you hit an obstacle!

The Letts Lake Camping Area is open all year round, and there are bathroom facilities and shower options available for your convenience. You can also bring your RV and hook into the electrical system here. The lake itself is home to koi fish, ducks, and turtles, so it’s a great place to chill out after a day of excitement on your quad bike!

5. Mendocino national forest

If you love being outdoors and want an excellent quad biking experience, the Mendocino national forest may just be the perfect location for you. This area is located in northern California and has a variety of trails that are challenging but fun. However, the landscape features dirt trails with rocks, roots, mud puddles, and steep inclines- so it’s not for beginners.

The best way to explore the area is by joining a tour because this gives you access to an experienced guide who can lead you to some fantastic places while teaching you how to stay safe. There are also covered shelters here where you can rest if needed or grab a snack before going on an adventure!

6. Prairie city svra

The Prairie City SVRA is located in central California and has hundreds of miles of trails. The terrain here varies, so you can expect to find everything from rocky areas to flat dirt soil. This location also allows ATVs, so you will be very happy if this is your preferred vehicle!

This area features some covers shelters for resting or eating. Still, there are no bathroom facilities or showering options available – unless you want to visit the city of prairie city, which is just two minutes away by car. But, if that’s what you prefer, then feel free to explore- just make sure to grab your wallet before leaving home because it only takes a few minutes away!

7. La orange ohv regional park

The La Orange OHV regional park is located in central California and has some fantastic trails that can satisfy any quad biker! The landscape is covered with rocks, roots, and pebbles- so the best way to explore it is by riding slowly. However, going too fast on a rocky area can cause problems- significantly if the terrain changes suddenly without warning!

This location requires all riders to have safety gear like helmets and other protective clothing so make sure you know the regulations before you come. Also, there are hundreds of trails here, so it may take you a while before exploring them all!

8. E- street MX

The E- street MX is located in central California and has some challenging trails for experienced riders. However, if you are a beginner, this location is not recommended! This area requires skill because it features lots of rocks, roots, and other obstacles- so you need to be able to handle these well if you want to enjoy the area.

There are also many obstacles for pro riders, so this place can be fascinating if you like fast races with high jumps. There are plenty of covered shelters here where your group can rest before getting back on your quads – just remember to bring all your belongings along with water because there are no shops nearby!

9. Wild desert SxS tours

If you are an off-road lover and don’t have your machine, the Wild desert SxS tours are perfect for you! You can explore all kinds of trails here in excellent comfort because these vehicles are made to handle every type of terrain. If you want to drive one but don’t know how, no problem! The guides here can teach you everything you need to know before going out on a ride – there are also ATVs available if that’s your thing.

There are plenty of options for food and drinks in this area so just make sure not to forget yours at home. There is also an observation deck where riders gather after finishing their tour, so feel free to come to hang out with new friends!

– We recommend using a helmet whenever you’re on an off-road vehicle and also use safety gear like goggles, gloves, and boots. This helps keep your person protected from debris that could fly into your eyes or other injuries while riding on different kinds of terrain.

– You need to know what regulations are required for each area before going there with your group because some places require helmets but not all do. Make sure everybody wears the appropriate clothing so you can all enjoy your adventure together without any problems arising from lack of knowledge.

10. Quadstop

the quad stop is located in Borrego Springs. This is another place to keep in mind when you are looking for places to do quad biking in California. the vehicles were top of the line and in great condition, and the people were friendly, helpful, and clearly knew what they were talking about. 


Hope this article provided some helpful information in choosing your spots for quad biking in california.

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