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Swimming in Hot Springs: Is It Safe? Top 200 list

Hot springs surprise people; they amuse people because of how cool they are. Some hot springs are found in the coldest parts of the world. 

Do you know that Japan has the most number of hot springs?

Yes, it’s safe to swim in hot springs as long as you are comfortable in the water without skin irritation. People with skin allergies sometimes might get triggered by hot springs due to their high mineral content. Test the water on your skin, and then make your choice to swim.

Some hot springs are pushed through the earth’s surface at higher pressure; these are dangerous and should be avoided.

What is a Hot spring?

Hot springs are nothing but heated groundwater reaching the surface of the earth. Usually, they contain minerals that are dissolved due to the underground magma. There are more than 1000 known hot springs and hundreds of unknown hot springs in the US.

Thermal springs are one of the names for hot springs. The other names include geothermal springs. Hot springs are usually meant for soaking in the mineralized water rather than playing around as you would in a pool. You will find people being calm more often than not in a hot spring.

There are different types of hot springs based on how it naturally occurs. For example, some are near rivers and natural water sources, while others are in the middle of a desert or a mountain. 

Most hot springs are commercialized to attract tourists. However, people who like to stay longer can use the hotels built around these hot springs. 

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Where can you find hot springs?

You can often find hot springs marked by people with rocks to make a pool out of it. Also, if there are small springs in river banks, they are marked. In some cases, people even have built luxury holiday destinations around hot springs.

You can find both indoor and outdoor hot springs. Indoor hot springs have many rules to follow, while Outdoor hot springs are just like your hot tub at your home. Practices for each hot spring will differ. You should always check the rules before jumping into one.

you can stay as long as you want in a hot spring in the following conditions,

  • The water is not irritating your skin
  • The water is not too hot
  • The water isn’t dehydrating you too much

You can download the list of Hotsprings here

Top 200 safest Hot springs in United states for swimming

StatesHot spring Places
AlaskaKanuti Hot Springs Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Alaska
Akutan Hot Springs
Baranof Warm Springs
Chena Hot Springs
Circle Hot Springs
Kanuti Hot Springs
Tolovana Hot Springs
Manley Hot Springs
ArizonaPumpkin Spring, Grand Canyon
Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs
Buckthorn Baths
Castle Hot Springs
Gold Strike Hot Springs
Hot Well Dunes
Palm Pool Waterfall Hot Springs
Pumpkin Spring (hot springs in Grand Canyon)
Roper Lake State Park Hot Spring
San Carlos Warm Springs
Sheep Bridge Warm Spring
Verde Hot Springs
ArkansasArkansas hot springs, steam from spring
CaliforniaMammoth Hot Creek Pools
Geothermal areas in the Lassen area
Aquamarine water pool at Bumpass Hell
Big Bend Hot Springs
Big Caliente Hot Springs, Los Padres National Forest
Bumpass Hell Creek, Lassen National Park
Calistoga Hot Springs, Calistoga
Campbell Hot Springs, Sierraville CA
Coso Hot Springs, Inyo County
Crabtree Hot Springs
Desert Hot Springs (thermal mineral springs)
Deep Creek Hot Springs
Delonegha Hot Springs
Franklin Hot Springs, Paso Robles, California
Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs
Grover Hot Springs State Park
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown
Jordan Hot Springs (Sequoia National Forest)
Keough Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mercey Hot Springs
Miracle Hot Springs
Mono Hot Springs
Murrieta Hot Springs
Palm Springs
Remington Hot Springs
Esalen (Slates Hot Springs)
Tassajara Hot Springs
Travertine Hot Springs
Sespe Hot Springs
Scovern Hot Springs
Warner Springs
Wilbur Hot Springs
Willett Hot Springs
ColoradoThe Mother Spring, Pagosa Hot Springs, Colorado
Pagosa Hot Spring, Colorado
Conundrum Hot Springs
Hot Sulphur Springs
Idaho Springs
Glenwood Springs
Pagosa hot springs
Penny Hot Springs
Steamboat Springs
FloridaWarm Mineral Springs, Florida
GeorgiaRadium Hot Springs, Georgia
Warm Springs, Georgia
HawaiiIsaac Hale Park Spring
IdahoHotspring near Garden Valley Idaho
Goldbug Hot Springs
Green Canyon Hot Springs
Heise Hot Springs, Ririe
Lava Hot Springs (thermal mineral springs)
Silver Creek Plunge
Stanley Hot Springs
Sunflower Hot Springs
IllinoisLittle Hot Springs of Illinois
IndianaWest Baden Springs Indiana
West Baden Springs
MassachusettsSand Spring
MontanaChico Hot Springs
Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana
Hunters Hot Springs
Lolo Hot Springs Montana
Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs
Sleeping Child Hot Springs
NevadaHot spring in Gerlach, Nevada
Dianas Punchbowl
View across the Elko Hot Hole
Fly geyser
Ash Springs
Bartine Hot Springs
Bathtub Spring, (Soldier Meadows)
Bog Hot Springs
Bowers Mansion Hot Springs
Carson Hot Springs
Chukar Gulch (Soldier Meadows)
Crescent View Hot Springs
Crystal Springs hot springs
Diana’s Punchbowl
Dry Suzie
Duckwater Pond
Dyke Hot Spring
Elko Hot Hole
Fish Lake Hot Well
Fly Geyser
Hot Creek Springs and Marsh Area
Hyder Hot Springs
Jersey Valley Hot Springs
McFarlane Hot Springs
New Wagner Warm Spring
Panaca Warm Springs
Paradise Valley Hot Springs
Pott’s Ranch Hot Spring
Pinto Hot Springs
Reese River Hot Springs
Rogers Warm Spring
Ruby Valley
Smith Creek (Rainbow) Hot Springs
Soldier Meadows hot spring system
Soldier Meadows Hot Creek
Soldier Meadows Warm Pond
Spencer Hot Springs
Steamboat Hot Well
Trego Hot Ditch
Twelve Mile Hot Springs
Virgin Valley Hot Springs
Walker Warm Springs
New MexicoSpence hot spring
McCauley Hot Springs, Jemez Springs, NM, USA
Black Rock Hot Springs
Faywood Hot Springs[9]
Gila Hot Springs
Jordan Hot Springs (Gila National Forest)
Manby Hot Springs, near Taos
McCauley Hot Springs, Jemez Springs
Melanie Hot Springs, near Silver City
Middle Fork Hot Springs (Gila National Forest)
Montezuma Hot Springs, Montezuma, near Las Vegas, New Mexico
Ojo Caliente Hot Springs
Radium Hot Springs
Soda Dam Hot Spring
San Antonio Hot Springs, Jemez Springs
Spence Hot Springs, Jemez Springs
Stagecoach Hot Springs
Truth or Consequences
Turkey Creek Hot Springs (Gila National Forest)
Saratoga Springs
OregonAlvord Hot Springs
Hot springs structure on Hart Mountain
Bath House on Mansfield property
Alvord Hot Springs
Antelope Hot Springs
Bagby Hot Springs
Belknap Hot Springs
Breitenbush Hot Springs (thermal mineral springs)
Cougar Hot Springs
Deer Creek Hot Springs
Hot Lake Springs
Hunters Hot Springs
McCredie Hot Springs
Mickey Hot Springs
Summer Lake Hot Springs
Umpqua Hot Springs
TexasChinati Hot Springs, also known as Ruidosa Hot Springs
Hot Springs (Big Bend National Park)
UtahFifth Water Hot Springs
Baker Hot Springs also known as Crater Spring and Abraham Hot Springs
Blue Lake, Wendover
Crystal Hot Springs, Honeyville
Fifth Water Hot Springs
Homestead, Midway
Meadow Hot Springs
Mystic Hot Springs
Pa Tempe Hot Springs, La Verkin
Saratoga Springs
Veyo Pool, Veyo
WashingtonGoldmyer Hot Springs
Hot Springs, Washington
Olympic Hot Springs
Scenic Hot Springs
Sol Duc Hot Springs
WyomingGrand Prismatic Spring
Black Sand Basin
Orange Spring Mound at Mammoth Hot Springs
Black Sand Basin Hot Springs
Boiling River
Brilliant Pool Hot Springs
Grand Prismatic Spring
Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis
Mammoth Hot Springs

Things to do at hot springs

  • If you have earpods, you can relax and listen to music.
  • Some of you might enjoy listening to audiobooks through Audible.
  • You can use NordVpn to watch movies from other countries if you have Netflix or amazon prime.
  • Take a health checkup before your trip, If you have any heart or body illnesses. 
  • Carry a water bottle with cold water as the hot spring will often cause dehydration after a specific time.
  • Do not bring soaps and shampoos to the hot spring.
  • Some indoor hot springs allow you to drink alcohol, and some don’t. 
  • If it’s an indoor hot spring, take a shower before and after you soak.
  • You don’t have to follow many rules in outdoor hot springs in the wild but keep it clean and leave no trace.

Gear to have in hot springs

check our Recommended GEAR page for additional Gear you might need in your trip.

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Anyone should enjoy hot springs, from kids to adults. However, if it’s the first time you check out hot springs, it’s advisable to go to an indoor hot spring.

Don’t be afraid of hot springs. It’s healthy for your skin to be soaked in water with higher mineral content. The most important aspect of enjoying these natural resources is to leave them without any trace. Carry a trash bag along with you if you are going trekking and pick up plastics along the way.

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