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Traveling cheap: How to Guide for California

California, the golden city, is known to drain people’s pockets while traveling. Traveling on a budget to California is not an easy task, but it’s possible. There are so many ways available to do it without lowering the quality of the travel experience in California.

Planning your flights, hotels, and experience tickets ahead of time is one way to eliminate additional costs that may come while you are in a hurry. Staying within your budget while planning would be the most significant thing to keep in mind while traveling cheaply to California.

If you have never lived on a budget before, you will find it hard to manage in California, as everything in the street will be calling your name to spend money. However, booking flights and hotels ahead of time will save you a lot of money, and it will keep you from the price hikes due to demand.

Modes of travel to California

There are so many ways to travel to California; depending on the time you have in your hands; you can choose the mode of travel to California.

there are three prominent ways that you can travel to California

Traveling through flight to California:

 If you are more than 200 miles away from California, the cheapest way to travel to California is by flight. All other methods of travel will cost you more with distance. If the range is less than 200 miles, you can choose to book a rental car or even take your vehicle.

Booking a flight might sound easy at first. Still, suppose you don’t book it through the right platform. In that case, you will spend more money than is needed for the travel. one extensive piece of advice that I would give from personal experience is that book your trip not based on the days you want to travel but based on the days when there is an exceptional deal available.

Buying tickets ahead of time is the best way to save money and get incredible deals as well. The best window of time would be 3-6 months before the trip. Booking a round trip in advance will help you to reduce the cost of reaching California.

Travel light and book the primary economy tickets, which will be more than satisfactory when looking for cheap air travel

Traveling through a car to California

If you are traveling from the far end of the united states, have another person who can drive. Having an extra driver serves to be the best way to relax and enjoy the California road trip. If the vehicle is not rented, the only expense that you would have granted there is no repairs is gas.

Saving gas by choosing the best route to California is so crucial as you start your journey in a car. If you have accumulated any fuel points through a credit card, this is the time to redeem them. You can also use apps like GasBuddy to make your fuel last a bit longer.

If the road trip involves traveling through more than two states, the best option would be to have a good night’s sleep at a rest stop or Walmart parking lot.

Converting a road trip to get to California into a camping trip would be an exceptional idea as well. There are plenty of ways to make long car rides fun and interesting.

Traveling through a rental vehicle to California

Rental cars are good to travel cheap when you have a large family or a group of friends with you. Although they don’t make much difference in how much you pay at the end of the day, it’s better to travel through rental cars when you are uncertain if someone would come or not in a large group of people.

The article from the world pursuit will give you a better idea about rental cars and what you should know about them.

places to save money in California

Rental taxis and cabs will eat all of your money in California if you are not savvy about them. Even from the airport, look for metros and city buses to take you closer to the place you are staying. When it comes to cities like Los Angeles, it has a metro pass system called TAP Card. Once you load it up for seven days at $25, you are golden.

Walk walk walk…

it’s not just an exercise, but it will make the trip so much better by engaging with locals and also help you soak the culture and nature of the place.

Would you please not take the package deals that people try to offer you in travel agencies? They are in place to seem like a good deal but, in the end, will make your pockets empty.

As said before, don’t sway away from what you have planned to do on your trip. First, it will start with just a visit to a nearby coffee shop and will end up completely ruining your plans. If you are not on a budget and have the luxury to travel, you can splurge all you want. 

How to book your flights to California

There are a lot of companies offering you deals to find the best flight tickets. However, I find CheapOair to be the best solution for finding cheaper flights. They make sure that you are getting the best deals on the route. They will also compare the prices offered by different airlines on the same route to give you the best deals possible.

You can search your flights below and book them. In addition, they provide comparison tables for the cheapest shortest and flights for alternate, more affordable dates.


How to book your hotels in California

Just like booking flights, booking your hotels early will get you great deals on the price. In addition, some hotels will offer you a prepaying option. They will reduce the stay price further when you prepay the payment. So cash in on this opportunity and save money. 

Other than certain meals, eat all your meals at the hotel that you are staying. Don’t skip the complimentary breakfast meals offered by the hotels that you are visiting.

I extensively use for all my trips. What I like about them is the real-time booking confirmation, and there are no booking fees.

You can book your hotels below.


How to save money on experiences in California

Passes like Go Los Angeles will offer you access to more than 35 places, including universal studios Hollywood. If you are into the pacific aquarium, you can skip the line by getting the passes before your visit.

Things not to do while traveling in California

  • You are not allowed to bring alcohol to the beaches. Therefore, Beach bars are your only option for a legal way of drinking alcohol.
  • As a general etiquette, don’t forget to tip.
  • Traffic in California is a distinctive feature that might surprise some of you or frustrate some of you. Lol. Don’t fight the traffic; try to enjoy it.
  • Unless and until spending time on the beach is your goal, don’t book hotels nearby the beach. They are expensive because of the views that they offer.
  • If there is a significant convention in a particular city, avoid that time of year. Since the demand for everything will be high, you will be paying double the price.
  • When it comes to safety, be vigilant. Know your surroundings. Don’t walk into a neighborhood that seems sketchy. trust your intiutuions.
  • Here is a list of things that you should have when traveling.


Traveling is scary for some people, but for some, it brings extreme joy and pleasure. If you enjoy travel but don’t have the money for it, you can do it cheaper if you follow the above steps. The major expenses that you will ever have are flights and hotels. Everything will be insignificant. Make sure that you don’t overspend on these areas.

When you are traveling on a budget, you will see and hear about many things you want to try but won’t have the money for; don’t get discouraged. Instead, enjoy the trip that you have planned already.

You can always come back later and have those experiences. Plan everything before getting in on the plane. Always have some wiggle room in your budget for unexpected expenses.

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